Marianist Community | Marianist Educational Associates


September 15, 2009 7 – 8 pm, Marianist Hall

Members Present: Barbara Belle, Grissel Benitez-Hodge, Bro. Jerry Bommer, Dave Coleman, Val Coleman, Br. Frank Damm, Mike Fassiotto, Mike Haisen, Peggy Friedman, Patti Lee-Robinson, Sharon LePage, Larry Osborne, Yukio Ozaki, Kapono Ryan, Mary Pat Sjostrom, Kay Stone

Guest: Fr. Joe Lackner

Bro. Jerry opened with a prayer.

1. MEA Commitment/Recommitment Ceremony
Kay, Barb, and Dave C. are working on the ceremony scheduled for Wednesday, September 30 at noon in Mystical Rose Oratory. Kay asked MEAs to spread the word within their departments and to students. Volunteers for: Opening Prayer – Bro. Frank, Scripture Reading – Dave C., General Intercessions – Mike H., Grissel, and Patti, Gospel Reading – Kapono, Reflection – Mike F., Commitment Service – Bro. Jerry.
Bro. Jerry will email an invitation to the CUH community and Kay will give paper invitations to the MEAs for distribution.

2. Fr. Joe Lackner gave a talk on “Marianist Educational Associates, Chaminade University, Culture Catalysts” (see handout). The topic is from Bro. Ray Fitz’s talk at MUM 2009.
Fr. Joe’s suggestions:

  • “do a cultural audit”
  • “devise strategies, rituals, events, etc. in which they could as a group and individuals positively further the Catholic and Marianist character of the university”
  • “use internet/email possibilities to spread the word”
  • “work with graphic artists … to develop visuals that promote the culture”
  • offer some incentive to faculty and staff to take NACMS on-line courses
  • occasional begin a meeting with some reflection on an element, idea, phrase, etc. about Catholic and/or Marianist education”
  • “establish a faculty seminar centered on reflection on ethical and/or religious dimension and their specialty”
  • “review and revise if necessary handbooks, policy manuals, etc. in light of Catholic and Marianist culture”

3. MEA Reflections
Sharon reported that Kapono suggested waiting until after the Inauguration, and sending out a letter from Bro. Jerry with a description of MEAs and link to the reflection, then five reflections during the academic year. Dave A. will submit a reflection on integral, quality education. Kapono also suggested a comments area; MEAs are encouraged to comment. The comments will need to be monitored. The MEAs approved the new proposal.