Marianist Community | Marianist Educational Associates


November 17, 2009, 6:50 pm – 7:52 pm, Marianist Hall

Members Present: Bro. Jerry Bommer, David Anderson, Barbara Belle, Dave Coleman, Val Coleman, Bro. Frank Damm, Peggy Friedman, Venus Ituralde, Sharon LePage, Yukio Ozaki, Kapono Ryan, Mary Pat Sjostrom

Reflection: Bro. Jerry read from the Characteristics of Marianist Education:


A. Create a favorable environment for education.
(44) More than simply a slogan, Marianist family spirit is a way of life with specific traits discernible in the educational communities it animates. By providing a climate of acceptance, discipline and love, the school acts as a “second family,” fostering human growth and maturity. From the norms, beliefs, values, attitudes, and capabilities of all the people within a school the dynamic harmony that is a school’s culture emerges. All members of the school community share the responsibility to create and sustain an environment in which can flourish beauty, simplicity, harmony, discipline, and creativity. When this responsibility is faithfully fulfilled, the result benefits and educates all its participants.

Bro. Jerry reflected that family spirit is the lubricant that helps us solve problems peaceably, gives students a good atmosphere for learning; happy students learn easier and part of being a Marianist educator is to support and complement students. Don’t try to be the students’ friend, learn from your mistakes and seek advice from an old (longtime) teacher.
Bro. Frank added that first year teachers were told “don’t smile til Christmas.”

Christmas on Campus: The MEAs decided to sponsor a family this year. Val will email the MEAs with details, coordinate donations and purchase gifts. Suggested donation of $20. We will need volunteers to be with the family and we will try to get a picture of the family.

Samoan Relief: After the White Sunday mass, Peggy met with Margaret Uiagalelei and Barb Poole-Street about helping our Samoan students help those at home. Ideas included an immersion experience in American Samoa, finding out the needs, having students plan, and helping students return home. Email other ideas to Peggy. Bro. Jerry is working on the immersion experience, possibly at the end of the year and sending non-Samoan students. Peggy will talk to Margaret about identifying students as leaders. Venus asked that the campus community be aware of our students’ ties to other disasters, e.g, the Philippines, and that a model be set up as a response to world disasters. Possible ways to outreach were discussed, including the local Samoan and Filipino communities, Catholic Charities, and Catholic Relief Services, and CUH weekly news email.

Bring faculty to dinners at Marianist Communities: Mary Pat reported that she, Peggy, Bro. Frank and Fr. Tim Eden met in September and that Hale Malia could host six at a dinner on Tuesday and Marianist Hall on Thursday. Mary Pat suggested that the MEAs should attend the first dinner at Hale Malia on December 1. Discussion included the expense for the communities, have the dinners once a semester, inviting non-MEA faculty, and having three MEAs invite a guest to attend. Mary Pat will email the MEAs about the dinners in December. Mary Pat will also ask the Pohaku Community if they would like to participate.

CIT Lectures – The next lecture will be on November 30, 2009 with other lectures to follow in January, February and March. Discussion included the time (i.e., 4 pm, noon), providing refreshments, and advertising in the Hawaii Catholic Herald and newspapers.

Fr. Bouffier on Marian Charism: Dave announced that Fr. Bob Bouffier was willing to give a presentation, possible date of December 16, 2009. Discussed were dates and times and inviting St. Louis faculty and
Marianist Lay Community members. Dave will send an email.

Presentation: “China’s Human Rights Challenges” with Hon. David Kilgour and Erping Zhang, November 19, 2009, 3 pm – 5 pm, Wesselkamper 120.

MEA Reflections: Six reflections have been gathered and will be put on the website. Please contribute to the discussions. It will be announced in the CUH news.

WASC Educational Effectiveness Review – Dave asked the MEAs to read the EER report keeping in mind the university’s mission and identity.