Marianist Community | Marianist Educational Associates

April 13, 2010, 6:50 pm – 8:00 pm, Marianist Hall

Members Present: Bro. Jerry Bommer, Barb Belle, Val Coleman, Bro. Frank Damm, Mike Fassiotto, Peggy Friedman, Mike Haisen, Sharon LePage, Yukio Ozaki, Kay Stone

Bro. Jerry quoted from the Characteristics of Marianist Universities and led us in prayer:
“Marianist spirituality has resulted in an approach to education that emphasizes a teacher being truly present to students, not only teaching them but loving and respecting them. Such teachers expect of their students both competence and compassion, both a solid grasp of subject matter and a living awareness of the inescapable moral and spiritual dimensions of education and life.
Following Chaminade, Marianists have also always attempted to make their educational institutions genuine communities. To bring and hold these communities together, Chaminade held up the ideal of “family spirit” of religious and lay persons, faculty and students, working together to achieve lasting relationships of friendship and trust, supporting and challenging each other in developing their mutual gifts. Leaders of such communities, religious and lay, must see their work not merely as a job but as a ministry of love and service. They do not simply mark time together; rather, they are passionate about their work.
Finally, Marianist educational communities exist not simply for the sake of their members, but to enable them to share their gifts with the world. As Marianist spiritually seeks to integrate knowledge and virtue, Marianist education seeks to help students see their capabilities and competencies as means of service to others.”

ALIVE article, “Listening to an Inner Voice” by Jan D. Dixon (Spring 2010)
Chaminade belongs to the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE). MEAs were asked to read the article for discussion of how to foster vocation awareness on campus.

  • Peggy asked if it was possible to get the syllabi from Dayton. She will contact Bro. Victor Forlani for a possible future visit. Kay will be in Dayton later this week and will try to contact Bro. Victor.
  • Kay said this is what our students are really seeking.
  • Peggy said that students are majoring in what their parents want them to do. Do we need to educate parents? She asked if there should be a message to parents, about something a student likes to do, be able to make a living and give back.
  • Barb suggested that Bro. Jerry add this to the letter to new students.
  • Peggy asked about having this in CUH 100. Kay asked if this could be part of the final CUH 100 assignment. Barb asked if CUH 100 could be longer than eight weeks, with more optional weeks. Peggy asked if there should be a second semester follow up or start CUH 100 later in the semester. Kay said that CUH 100 students will listen to older students. Peggy suggested identifying graduate students.
  • Mike F. asked if this was difficult to do in the undergrad programs. Sharon said that Gail Grabowsky does this in Environmental Studies, showing parents that students are able to make a living. Sharon said there should be a basic foundation but it should be in more than one course. Kay teaches a course in Religion, Philosophy and Social Ethics. Peggy suggested bringing in faculty from other disciplines.
  • Mike F. wondered if it doesn’t matter what students major in, if there are certain traits that students need to be taught (business major v. English major); part of education for adaptation and change.
  • Bro. Frank said in the 70’s, people looked for the job openings.
  • Yukio said that twenty years ago, he couldn’t believe one could live a committed life and be happy.
  • Mike F. recommended a student assignment of writing their own credo. Peggy said that business does this.
  • Peggy asked if the MEAs could help organize this
  • Mike F. said in Behavioral Sciences assessment, students are asked to identity the five characteristics. But have they learned the values or understand them? Bro. Frank said that WASC team members were impressed with our students because they could name the characteristics
  • Mike F. talked about training in Marianist values for all faculty and staff. Sharon suggested a half hour on Marianists and mission at the staff retreat. Mike F. said we need to teach people the vocabulary. Bro. Frank said it could also be done at the new staff orientation.
  • Yukio suggested an ethics course or course at the end of the major on business, life and purpose. Capstone course?

Readings (courtesy of Barb):
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Bro. Jerry reported that there is difficulty in finding and using the blog. Suggestions include putting it with the Feast Days or a teaser like “Read what Kapono Ryan says.” Mike F. said a WASC member suggested “Talk to the Rector” button. Sharon can set this up on the Rector’s page (email to Rector).

Adjunct Orientation
Bro. Jerry thanked Mike F. and Barb. Current adjuncts were invited. Please send Bro. Jerry any ideas for improvement.

Videoconference with Fr. Jack McGrath
Jon Nakasone is setting up the videoconference on Monday, June 7, 2010. Fr. Jack will talk about where he sees the MEAs going and MEAs will be able to respond. Bro. Jerry reminded everyone to take the survey.

Fr. George Cerniglia’s talk
Peggy asked if Fr. George’s February talk can be posted/distributed; Bro. Jerry will contact him. Fr. George will be at Chaminade next year and will become Rector in 2011.