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Name / Office
Education Go to webpage (808) 739-4652x4652(808) 739-4607ED 110
Fryxell, Dale Email me!
Dean(808) 739-4678x4678 ED 111
Nishimura, Kathleen Email me!
Director of Field Services(808) 735-4719x4719 ED 129
Kawaguchi, Katherine Email me!
Ed Leadership/ED Projects Director(808) 739-8540x8540 ED 130
Park, Elizabeth Email me!
Early Childhood Education Director(808) 735-4859x4859 ED 119
Imamura, Yan Yan Email me!
Assistant Director for ECE(808) 739-8563x8563 Brogan 118
Mikami, Kevin Email me!
Director of Advising (808) 739-4684x4684 ED 114
Anderson, Kelsey Email me!
ONR Project Secretary(808) 739-4679x4679 ED 130
Ioli, Illona Email me!
Secretary(808) 735-4701x4701 ED 127
Bradley, Mark Email me!
Assistant for Special Projects(808) 739-8539x8539 Brogan 110
Education Faculty    Education Building
Peters, Joseph Email me!
Professor(808) 735-4844x4844 ED 111
Moseley, Bryan Email me!
Associate Professor(808) 739-8549x8549 ED 117
Mize, Margaret Email me!
Assistant Professor(808) 739-4613x4613 ED 116
Smith, Mary Email me!
Assistant Professor(808) 735-4833x4833 ED 131
Medeiros, Glenn Email me!
Assistant Professor in Education(808) 440-4215x4215 Brogan Hall Room 126
Kaui, Toni Marie Email me!
Lecturer (808) 440-4264x4264 Brogan Hall Room 128
Castle Colleagues Program (808) 739-4698x4698(808) 739-4607ED 121-C1
Henderson, Holly
Director(808) 739-4698x4698 ED 121-C1
Kamana-Tam Ho, Holly Email me!
Education Opportunities Coordinator(808) 739-4698x4698 ED 121-C2
L. Robert Allen Preschool Email us! Go to webpage (808) 735-4875x4875(808) 735-4876Hale Lokelani
Evans, Kathleen Email me!
Faculty Liaison/Director(808) 735-4875x4875 Hale Lokelani
Lewis, Jo Anne Email me!
Assistant Director(808) 735-4875x4875 Hale Lokelani
Walker, Leah Email me!
Lead Teacher(808) 735-4875x4875 Hale Lokelani
Lee, Maria Email me!
Lead Teacher(808) 735-4875x4875(808) 735-4876Hale Lokelani
Beckmann, Cori Email me!
Teacher(808) 735-4875x4875 Hale Lokelani
Tangonan, Jordan Email me!
Teacher(808) 735-4875x4875 Hale Lokelani
Masters in Education Go to webpage (808) 739-4652x4652(808) 739-4607ED 110