Montessori Laboratory School : About the Staff

About the Staff

Chaminade University Montessori Laboratory School- L Robert Allen
Professional Teaching Staff

The highly qualified staff at the Chaminade University Montessori Laboratory School- L Robert Allen are professionally trained holding Master's degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and Montessori Certification through the American Montessori Society. The education division student interns and other college students that may utilize the Montessori Lab School as a training and observation facility are under the direction and supervision of the professional teaching staff.

Director-Faculty-Liaison- Montessori Teacher

Kathleen Evans, Ed.D.,  AMS Credential
Kathleen Evans has her Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Montessori Certification through AMS.  She also has a Master’s Degree in Education and will complete her doctoral degree in educational leadership in adult higher learning this year. In her role as the director of the school Ms. Evans addresses the administrative as well as teaching needs of the school and also acts as a faculty liaison to the Chaminade University Education Division’s Montessori and Early Childhood Education programs and other programs at the university. She is actively involved in the teacher training program as an instructor, mentor, and university supervisor to student interns. In these roles she coordinates collaborative relationships with other divisions and programs at the university to utilize the Montessori Laboratory School for student mentorships and acts as a liaison for the Lab School with the community.  Ms. Evans has been a leader in assisting schools through the national accreditation processes with both NAEYC and the American Montessori Society.

Assistant Director/Montessori Teacher

Jo-Anne Lewis, MSCP, MST, AMS Credential
Ms. Lewis has masters’ degrees in counseling psychology and also a Master’s degree in the science of teaching. She also holds a BS in Home Economics and also holds an American Montessori Society credential. Ms. Lewis was a co-founder of the Montessori Laboratory School when it first opened in 1982 and served as the field services director at the Chaminade University Education Division. She has also instructed as an adjunct faculty at the Chaminade University for both the behavioral science program and Montessori and early childhood teacher education programs since 2004. Ms. Lewis also has acted in the capacity of university supervisor and cooperating teacher for many teacher candidates. She presently acts as assistant director and mentor teacher at the Montessori Laboratory school.

Montessori Lead Teacher

Leah Walker, M.Ed., AMS Credential
Ms. Walker is in her first year as a Montessori lead teacher joining the Lab School after completing her Master’s degree and AMS credential at Chaminade University of Honolulu.  Ms. Walker received her Bachelor’s degree in French with a minor in history. Ms. Walker attended Montessori schools from primary through elementary schools and has also worked in Montessori schools or Montessori summer camps since high school most recently in Honolulu for the past two years.

Montessori Lead Teacher

Maria Lee, BS AMS Credential M.E.d.* (June 2015)
Ms. Lee is a Montessori Head teacher.  She has been at the Lab School since 2006.  Ms. Lee graduated from Chaminade University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and her AMS credential.  She has worked with children ages 3-8 years old in various types of educational and religious programs. Ms. Lee is presently continuing her education and pursuing her Master’s degree in education.

Montessori Lead Teacher

Cori Beckmann, BS AMS Credential, M.E.d.*  (June 2015)
Ms. Beckmann is a Montessori lead teacher.  She has been at the Lab School since 2007 leaving for a brief period to rear her two daughters one whom has graduated form our kindergarten and one who is presently entering her kindergarten year at our Montessori school.   Ms. Beckmann graduated from Chaminade University earning a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and completing the requirements for an American Montessori Society credential.   She has worked with children ages 3-8 years old and is presently is continuing her education to pursue her Master’s degree.

Montessori Preschool Teacher and Montessori Student Teacher

Jordan Tangonan, BS, (M.E.d. and AMS Credential)* (Expected June 2015)
Ms. Tangonan received her Bachelor of Science degree in social work from Hawai’I Pacific University. Jordan worked with at-risk youth as a case manager and educator for two years prior
to becoming a preschool teacher working with three year olds. Her combined years of experience teaching is over ten years. Jordan is presently attending Chaminade University to complete her
Master’s degree in education and receive her American Montessori Society credential with an expected completion in 2015.

The Chaminade University Montessori Laboratory School- L Robert Allen is continually supporting the mentorship of both Montessori and Early Childhood education student teachers. For the 2014-2015 year Chaminade University teacher candidate  Jordan Tangonan will be completing the student teaching practicum and field experiences at the Chaminade University Montessori Laboratory School.