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Educational Opportunities

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Educational Opportunities

Chaminade, as a teaching university, has had great success with addressing student needs with relevant programs for students with many learning styles and abilities.

Promoting Academic Success

Chaminade creates a climate that allows students of Native Hawaiian descent (or any student) to find their individual route to academic success, whether they have started their university path as a high achiever or as someone who needs extra attention. Undergraduate admissions, the financial aid office, academic advising, and the library have specific policies to address special needs of Hawaiian students if they are at-risk. The links below provide more information about many university initiatives that have been of assistance to our students:

Emphasis on Medicine, Research, Health Careers

Chaminade has created a promising niche for Native Hawaiian students and other minorities interested in the life sciences. Our students regularly participate in funded internships through the Leadership Alliance, and other programs such as GEMS (Graduate Experience for Multi-Cultural Students). Many students have participated and presented at the ABRCMS (Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students) and SACNAS (the Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science) conferences.

High points:

  • Students with promise are nurtured, mentored
  • Dedicated faculty advisor helps students find and participate in educational opportunities
  • Supportive faculty, atmosphere, and scheduling for challenging science classes and labs
  • Leadership Alliance internship opportunities
  • Other research opportunities for minority students
  • Support for MCAT exams
  • New labs and facilities, the best in the state for undergraduates
  • Nursing program (planned)

Academics and Resources for Hawaiian Culture

Chaminade continues to build academic resources for the study of Hawaiian culture.

  • Dedicated librarian and library resources for Native Hawaiian Culture
  • New Cultural Diversity Track with Hawaiian Studies emphasis, Behavioral Sciences Degree program