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Strengthening Institutions Program Grant (2008 2013)


Lecturer Lisa Duich-Perry instructs students in a physiology unit, as part of the Human Nutrition course (BI 131) at Chaminade.


Academic improvement project initiation of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program at Chaminade University


As a Hawaiian serving institution, Chaminade University is committed to assisting the students of the Pacific Islands in their quest for higher education, and to be a partner in addressing the challenges faced by our community. With the help of Title III, Chaminade University is initiating a much-needed Bachelor of Science in the Nursing degree program. Building upon our nationally recognized forensic science program, Chaminade is developing a program that will enroll (at its full capacity) 158 nursing degree candidates. The program will be built upon the forward-thinking Oregon Nursing Model which focuses on competency, genomic-genetic medicine, and advanced simulation techniques to provide the broadest possible range of experiences to students.

Funding Note

The Federal Government SIP grant covers 33% of the cost of this project.

Project Director
Dr. Stephanie Genz
Associate Dean of Nursing
Chaminade University of Honolulu
Ph: (808) 440-4284
Fax: (808) 440-4278