A Mathematics Minor

Mathematics is offered as a minor at Chaminade.

The mission of the Mathematics Program is to promote mathematical literacy and prepare students for careers that use pure and applied mathematics and statistics, for mathematics teachers, and professions that require a mathematics background.

In the modern world, mathematical literacy is essential in order to perform jobs well. To respond to the needs for the mathematically literate graduates and to ensure the effectiveness of learning, every Chaminade student is required to take a mathematics course specified according to his or her major. (See the three tracks of mathematics requirements under the general education requirements.) New and transfer students are expected to take a mathematics placement test which is given to place students at the appropriate level of mathematics courses.

The Mathematics program’s objectives are to enable students:

  1. to demonstrate their understanding and skills in reading, interpreting and communicating mathematical contents;
  2. to demonstrate their understanding and skills with numeric and symbolic computations, and with problem solving using numeric, analytic and graphic methods;
  3. to articulate their understandings of and skills with logical thinking, deductive and inductive reasoning; and
  4. to demonstrate their understandings and skills to undertake higher level studies in mathematics and related fields.

Pre-minor requirements: MA 210 and MA 211.

Minor requirements: 12 semester hours of upper division courses in mathematics.

Students who plan to become secondary school teachers of mathematics should include MA 331, MA 401 and MA 490 in their program.