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Lance Takenaka

Posted May 2009

Lance Takenaka
(Senior, Marketing) seems to have talent for making things happen and bringing people together. In his words, Lancewhat Lance most appreciates about Chaminade is “the freedom to do what you want – people here will help you do it.” With a long list of accomplishments at Chaminade, you begin to realize that “freedom” for Lance has a lot to do with helping people develop friendships, talents, and skills, while working towards a common goal – in other words, Lance excels at leadership.

Chaminade did not have water polo and the state had cancelled organized men’s college water polo. So Lance started a club at Chaminade that plays regularly. The water polo club also organizes and contributes to community service events, such as beach cleanups.

Lance is also the president of the surf club. Wanna learn to surf? You can, beginners are welcome! Emphasizing a well-rounded surfing education, club members learn the history and fundamentals of the sport and also get tips on surfing etiquette, in twice-a-month trips to catch some waves. Community service is a big part of this club as well.

coaching surfing

He’s been a team captain and vice president of the Chaminade Student Chapter of the American Advertising Federation– leading group projects and meetings. He’s got his own online business, and is a graduate of the Hogan Entrepreneurial Program. Lance also is a peer mentor and orientation leader.

Lance's rideInvolved in various positions in student government, you’ll often find Lance behind the fun stuff—coordinating events such as the Commencement Ball, Senior Week events, and other campus events that feature food, entertainment, and lifelong memories.

Lance is a senior, and will graduate in May with a B.A. in Marketing Communication, and a minor in Sociology.

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