Ryan Hirata

RyanPosted January 2010

Alumnus Ryan Hirata graduated in May of 2008. He majored in Broadcast Communication with a minor in Business Administration. He recently came back to Chaminade – this time as an employee.

Ryan was happy to join the Chaminade Institutional Advancement team as a development coordinator. Ryan feels his educational experience at Chaminade has already helped him in his career development. First of all, in his role of liaison to the CUH Booster club, it helps to have had the experience of playing NCAA II basketball. Ryan received a scholarship and played men’s basketball for 3 years. As an player, the highlight of each year was the Maui invitational. "We were treated like a king for 5 days each year. This is something I will remember for the rest of my life."

Good Training

One of the less-obvious outcomes of being a student athlete at Chaminade was learning to manage his studies with games and practices. For Ryan, being a student athlete "taught me discipline. I had practice at 5:00 in the morning, and then I had to get to class on time. We had to practice so early because we share the gym with St. Louis. I would study for tests on a road trips – every day was a test of time management."

Ryan feels his business coursework at Chaminade is making a difference to him in his work and has proven very worthwhile. "My intro to business ethics course is really helping me now. Jimmy Christiana’s ethics class was really good, always packed. Everyone always paid attention."

It's All About Relationships

The transition to working at Chaminade for Institutional Advancement has been a happy one for Ryan. "Working in I.A.—thus far we’ve been really successful considering the economic situation. Especially if you show people you really care about them, and the school, it makes a big difference. It is always more about relationships. I always get to meet new people."

Ryan is also impressed with his new team. "Everyone in IA works really hard." And the game? "It’s endless."

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