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BI304: Human Nutrition

Palolo Elementary, POLC, GIFT&the CUH Garden, Lanakila Pacific

Palolo Elementary's Science Curriculum on Medicinal Plants: 3 teams (2-4 students each)

The 4th grade students at Palolo Elementary School are learning about the use of Hawaiian plants as medicine. They are also working to grow the plants, to label them appropriately around campus, and to use them in healthy recipes.

Nursing student volunteers will help teach the keiki the basic science behind high blood pressure and other ailments, as well as the properties of the plants that make them effective as medicine. They will also teach about the nutritional properties of the plants. Additional options are to create educational games and/or to develop simple recipes that are kid-friendly. Student teams should write a proposal for their presentation/activity and email it to Candice will help you work with the principal to set up details.

In addition to actually delivering the curriculum/activity, the development of the lesson will count as service hours.

Conducting Nutritional Assessments @ Lanakila Pacific's Group Dining Sites: 14 students

  • Do nutritional risk assessments by asking questions from an assessment form. This needs to be done annually, for each elder participant in the dining halls. (See form and manual for conducting assessment.)
  • If you’re doing service during mealtime (around noon), you can provide companionship for the seniors. You can also opt to experience “modified meals” by pre-ordering (well in advance of your shift) and paying at mealtime on site. (see menu)
  • If you finish the work at the site as described above, you can help find speakers to speak to seniors on pertinent topics OR develop interesting presentations for the seniors on their own (ie: foods that “combat” depression; healthy choices for diabetics  that taste good, etc.) You may also ask if you can help with blood pressure screenings and meal service.

Sites/Times available:

1. Moiliili Group Dining (located at the Moiliili Community Center, 2535 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96826) Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30 AM or during lunch, ending at 12pm.

2. Paoakalani Group Dining (located at 1583 Kalakaua Ave., Honolulu, HI 96815, near Punahou & Kalakaua) Tuesdays 9 -11am or during lunch, ending at 12pm.

3. Pearl City at the Hale Mohalu Senior Apartments at 800 3rd St., Pearl City, HI 96782 Tuesday and Thursdays 9-11am or during lunch, ending at 12pm.

4. Waianae Group Dining (located at Waianae District Park, 85-601 Farrington Hwy., Waianae, HI 96792) Any weekday 9-11am or during lunch, ending at 12pm


1. Complete the Lanakila Application form (background check & TB clearance will be obtained through nursing). Send to Candice. Lanakila Application Form

2. Sign up for shifts on the Doodle sign-up tool:
You need to do 10 hours, so you'll sign up for 10 time slots. Please commit to one site for all your hours. Nutritional Assessment Form for Lanakila Participants

3. Be sure to read the manual for instructions on conducting the nutritional assessments. How to Complete Nutritional Assessments

4. Show up for service as scheduled. Contact supervisor Connie Ganal or your specific site leader (contact info will be provided upon approval for your site) if you are unable to fulfill your site commitment: 531-0555, ext. 229

Palolo Homes' POP Program, Nutrition Education & Cooking Healthy Meals: 4 teams of 3-4 students each

In NUR290, students conducted community-based research in Palolo Homes. We are invited to return to the Palolo Ohana Learning Center (POLC) in the heart of Palolo Homes, to address the needs found by the survey: the prevalence of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. With these health issues in mind, students will plan affordable, nutritious meals for the Palolo Ohana Program (POP), which meets on Tuesday nights. You should be able to share a quick lesson about the recipes you choose and how they address the health issues faced by the community.  

Step 1: Form teams of 3-4. Each team should choose 2 dates from the schedule below. Dates must be approved by Candice

2. Plan for your dates. You can use the kitchen on-site, as well as its pans, utensils, etc. There may also be some food that’s leftover from the Foodbank’s distribution. You should do a site visit and/or talk to POP leaders well ahead of time to plan. Ms. Kathy Martin is your point of contact for planning. 733-8651, or

3. Contact Kathy for updates on the number of families participating and info on ingredients available. If you need to purchase ingredients, email Candice ( with a proposed list & approximate prices, and she can coordinate the purchase with you. You should NOT have to use your own money without reimbursements.

4. On your dates, be ready to serve at 6pm. As you serve, you can present your 'lesson' about the nutrition/health related aspects of your dishes. You can create posterboards or handouts to supplement your lesson.  

TOPIC SCHEDULE FOR POP (be ready to serve by 6pm on each date)

1.  9/10 = Talk-story session
2.  9/17 = Home-made detergent, lotions, health remedies, and more
3.  9/24 = Conflict resolution - traditional and modern
4.  10/1 = “Obamacare” explained
5.  10/8 = Cultural Potluck - bring a local dish & share a custom, dance, song, ...(this isn’t an ideal night to choose, but if you do need to choose this night, you can contribute a dish and explain some of the health benefits (or alternative ingredients to others' dishes that have been contributed)
6.  10/15 = Kids in the Photography and Poetry program: Performance and Showcase
7.  10/22 = “Pālolo's Got Talent” show
8.  10/29 = Understanding  my teens - by age groups
9.  11/5 = Film night (TBA)
10. 11/12 = Pāina and awards ...

The GIFT Program & the CUH Garden: 25 students

Volunteers collect fresh produce at farmers' markets for organizations that feed the hungry. For a great overview:

Organizations that benefit include Aloha Harvest & IHS. It has two nights of food service for the Unity Church’s Ho'opono (homeless in Waikiki) and Gregory House (homeless living with HIV/AIDS) projects.

You will help to set up the GIFT table/booth at the farmers' markets, thank people for donations, and ensure that the food is picked up by receiving organizations. You will also educate people about the need for the project and recruit other volunteers from the community.

You should arrive for shifts with time to spare. The early shifts begin before the markets officially open so that there’s time to set up. More set-up time is needed at the KCC markets because we must set up the tent, retrieve chairs, put up signage, and obtain boxes from vendors. The later morning shift will continue to obtain boxes, etc. At the end of the market, you will also help to break everything down, return equipment/signs to the proper places, and sort and load the food into the receiving trucks.

Most important is our education component. In addition to telling people about the need for GIFT, you will develop materials for public dissemination. These will focus on nutrition education and perhaps address nutritional deficiencies in poverty-stricken populations.


  • Once you receive confirmation from Candice (via email), apply to participate by emailing Vivian Best at
    Explain who you are (mention CUH), why you want to participate, and which shifts you are available for. Note that you must do your first shift at the KCC market, for training.
  • Vivian will email you about your application. If accepted, she will schedule you according to your availability.
  • After your first shift/training, you will create relevant educational materials as explained above. Email to Vivian for critique. (This counts as service time.)
  • Once approved, you can schedule your 2nd and/or 3rd shifts at any market. You’ll be using your materials to educate people.
  • Last day for service is November 14, 2013.

At any point in this process (after you’re accepted), you should spend 1-2 hours in the CUH GARDEN doing service as supervised by Mr. Eric Collier. Area A is located behind Kieffer Hall (between Kieffer and Hale Malia). Area B is located behind Marianist Hall.

GARDEN SCHEDULE: Wednesdays & Fridays: 1:00-4:00pm. Saturday mornings are possibilities if pre-arranged with Mr. Collier. You must email him at at least ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE of each shift you'd like to do. Indicate the date and time/s for your requested service shift in the garden.


Day/Time Available Shifts Location Sign-up info
Wednesdays 4pm-6pm &/or
Blaisdell (Outside Concert Hall) schedule through Vivian

2:15pm-4:15pm &/or
4pm-6pm &/or

Windward Mall schedule through Vivian
Thurdays 5:00-7:30pm Kailua (Long's parking lot) schedule through Butch Adams
Saturdays 7am-9:30am &/or
Sundays 10am-1:00pm KCC schedule through Vivian