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Service-Learning Award Fall 2009

Cedric Panganiban


Thanks to Chaminade’s mission, we try to ensure that our graduates go forth equipped for success in the “real world.”

The students we speak of at our Honors Ceremony are all top performers, academically. But more often than not, one of these top performers also earns the highest recognition for service-learning. We’re thrilled that our best students are out there applying their skills and intellect, in service to the community.

Our outstanding graduate in Accounting, Cedric Panganiban, is also the winner if the Service-Learning Award for Fall 2009.

In most of his SIX service-learning initiatives, Cedric has served as a leader.

I’ll share just a couple of examples from his Professor Richard Kido:  

For the FAFSA Project, Cedric helped organize the students at the field site and took initiative by making on-the-spot executive decisions. Cedric was the driving force for the expansion of the FAFSA Project. His innovations also streamlined the process for the client families, making it easier for them to participate.This year, our Business and Accounting students planned and orchestrated two new service-learning projects. Cedric was a major leader in both the Palolo Homes and the CUH100 Financial Literacy Classes.

His extraordinary level of commitment can best be illustrated through the story of “Kimo.” (name has been changed) Kimo is a resident of Palolo Homes, and he works part-time at the Palolo Learning Center, where the financial literacy project was held. Kimo was extremely impressed with our students and the work they were doing. Being a dedicated Service-Learning student, Cedric recognized the opportunity to "do good" and engaged Kimo in conversations about college - and life in general - at every session we attended. Although Kimo had been out of school for several years, Cedric was able to inspire him to such a degree that this fall, Kimo enrolled at Kapiolani Community College. Kimo credits Cedric and the rest of the Chaminade students as his inspiration to return to school.

Now, I personally KNOW Kimo, and I’ve seen adults nag him about going back to school to get a degree. He’s always ignored them and called them pests. Knowing that he’s now at KCC, I’ve always wondered what made him finally change his mind – and now I know that Cedric helped make that difference. Mahalo for this and ALL the many other things you’ve done to deserve the Service-Learning Award, Cedric!