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NOVL Volunteer Leader of the Year Award

Goes to Candice Sakuda

On November 4, 2005, the Network of Volunteer Leaders (NOVL) awarded two recipients with the 2005 NOVL Volunteer Leader of the Year Award.  One of the recipients of this award was SHINE Program Director and Volunteer Coordinator CANDICE SAKUDA. Candice has been providing leadership in the Kalihi, Chinatown and Waipahu areas for over seven years. She oversees over 70 volunteers and student coordinators each semester at three different sites and works several different ethnic and elder immigrant groups.  Candice’s dedication to the field of volunteer management was evident when her position was reduced to a part-time position.  She continued to put in full-time hours to help over 1,300 immigrant elders and students bridge the gap between new members of our community and long term residents as well as bridge the generation, language and culture gap to create meaningful relationships.

Candice is involved in all aspects of her program.  She recruits, trains, and oversees the volunteers and student coordinators.  She does everything she possibly can to prepare the volunteers so they can, in turn, provide quality tutoring that the elders need to pass their citizenship test.  She does the creative work behind the scenes, such as developing written resources to aid tutors and establishing policies that create welcoming, thriving community sites.  Her nominator, University of Hawaii Service Learning Coordinator Atina Pascua writes, “There are many challenges that come with running multiple sites but I have see no one more gifted in time management and social and cultural understanding than this person.”  Congratulations, Candice!