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NUR291: Health Promotion

Papakolea and Nursing




The community leaders of Papakolea conducted a health needs assessment of their Native Hawaiian Homestead residents. Based on the results, project ideas emerged. Their focus is to promote ohana-health and aging-in-place safely - keeping the community together while providing education and access to healthcare. You should complete 8 hours of service-learning. Be sure to bring your timesheet with you each time you serve.


  • Ohana Health Fair: an event for the community, held at Lincoln School, on March 1, 2014. You can be creative and perhaps develop health education-related activities for participants, and/or participate in pre-arranged activites. TWO volunteer shifts available:
    8:30am-12:30pm OR 12:00pm-4:00pm (fair is 10am-2pm). The morning shift will train the afternoon shift. Check in with Ms. Ka'apuni Kekauoha at the school.
  • Community Garden: Near the neighborhood's schools, there is a 60’ x 80’ Community Garden, and it’s growing in the name of food sustainability. Harvests are for the kupuna, but as the garden grows, it will also serve the resource needs of the Community Kitchen and the entrepreneurial ventures of the residents. The health of community is tied to health of the land.
    • For Spring 2014, community garden work days are on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month, from 8am-12am
    • You must attend 2 of the community work days if doing the Garden project.
    • Check in with Shane in the garden.
  • Stevenson Health Education for 6th-8th grade students &/or families: This opportunity will be discussed by our Papakolea partners during training. As of 1/19/2014, they have shared that the opportunity itself is tentative. It may or may not be offered this semester.

You’ll be scheduled for ONE of these projects during your training sessions.

Training Sessions

Papakole'a's leadership is offering our students the gift of their mana'o. Cultural competency, an understanding of community, perspective on the contexts for healthcare and public health nursing, and our respective roles are learning objectives of their training sessions. These lessons will be invaluable for students throughout their study of nursing, in future service-learning in their careers. Some of the training curriculum modules include:

  • Native Hawaiian health
  • Aging in Hawaii
  • Cultural competence in health care
  • Cultural trauma
  • People and cultures of Hawaii

Although the training sessions usually add up to 14 hours, they will be condensed for you.
You MUST participate in sessions 1 and 2, and watch the video.

  • Session 1 = 9:00-11:00am, Friday, January 24, 2014. Hale Hoaloha Classroom
  • Papakolea video = shown in class
  • Session 2 = 9:00-11:00am, Friday, January 31, 2014. Hale Hoaloha Classroom


Registration for S-L will be done FOR YOU by the S-L Office.
You will be given a connection form to sign and a timesheet/ evaluation AT TRAINING.