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Service-Learning Award Spring 2012

Angela Leilani Salas


angelaSince her freshman year at Chaminade, Angela Leilani Salas has done more than 140 hours of Service-Learning.

But in Service-Learning, students are not simply given credit for the service hours they perform. Rather, they are graded on the LEARNING that they demonstrate through application, and through critical reflection on the service experience.

We like to think we have some hard-core learning outcomes for our students. FIRST, we want them to see the relevance of their classroom learning in the real world. SECOND, we want them to develop an understanding of their role in issues of public concern. THIRD we want to promote their civic engagement.

Angela takes all three of these and runs with them. She has been truly amazing:

-she has taught English and civics to elderly immigrants

-she has tutored disadvantaged youth and educated them about building wealth through our stock market project

-she has done fundraising and consulting for non-profit organizations


And then Angela took everything a step farther:

-she has created a successful Black Market for books

-she has led our Awakening Retreat

-she has cheerfully, graciously stayed late into the night, helping to set up for Service-Learning Day

-she did a presentation on our students' civic engagement at a big meeting of Marianist universities in San Antonio

-and then she returned to co-found the Civic Engagement Club, which did so much, so quickly, that it earned the top club award for the semester

She’s definitely leaving a legacy.

Angela, you’ve done so much for the community, both on-campus and off. I think we should ALL congratulate you and thank you for all you’ve done.