Service-Learning | Student Awards Spring 2008

Service-Learning Award Spring 2008

Alysin Frickey-Hauptner

Award Spring 08

In the world of service and Service-Learning, Chaminade was just given the highest national honor a college or university can receive – the Presidential Award for Service to Disadvantaged Youth for 2007. We were one of 3. Alysin Frickey-Hauptner was a key contributor to the work that earned us the award. Through her engagement in a vast array of service activities, she helped compile the evidence for the award, that represented the student body. She was also instrumental in rallying the campus community to participate in our annual celebrations of Service-Learning.

Professors Regina Pfeiffer and Lynn Simek-Morgan attest that Alysin has consistently demonstrated the values they’ve explored in class, and has moved from theory, to action and leadership. Dr. Pfeiffer says, “Alysin worked to promote an understanding of and justice for all persons by organizing and participating in campus awareness programs. Her vivacity, enthusiasm, and generosity have been a gift to many.”

Alysin’s other contribution to service for disadvantaged youth might have been less visible to US, since she did it in India. With the Ragpickers Education and Development Scheme, she worked with youth to learn trade skills. She was able to reflect about the religious traditions she had learned about in class, and to contrast the ways in which they coexist in different cultures. Exploring the dimensions of communication and tolerance she experienced, Alysin also built relationships that made an indelible mark on her own life and impacted others’ as well.

She says, ‘Allowing my experience in India to be attached to a class at Chaminade helped me analyze my situation through academic lenses. There is no better way to learn than through service.”

Alysin, as you graduate and go on to fulfill your life mission to work for equality on a global scale, we’d like to thank you for all that you’ve done through service-learning at Chamiande.