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Resource Center Contents:

| Why do Service-Learning (S-L) ? |
| Tons of Activities Can Count as Service-Learning |

Incorporating S-L into your course

| Basic Requirements | Criteria for Syllabus Integration |
| Successful Syllabus Submissions |
| Printable "Essential Keys" for faculty doing S-L |

Supporting our S-L students

| Instructions for Students | Reflection Strategies |
| Scholarships for Service | Present at Service-Learning Day |

Facilitating and assessing outcomes 

| Instructions for Incorporating Outcomes | How to submit evidence (end of semester)  |
| Example of a Basic Rubric | Reflection Strategies |
| Printable "Essential Keys" for faculty doing S-L |

Opportunities for research, publication, scholarship

| Community Engaged Scholarship (CES) : What's in it for me? |
| Resources for CES |
| Scholarship of Engagement Examples: Chaminade Faculty |
| Venues for Publication |

More resources

| Books, journals, toolkits available on campus |
|S-L Courses: Professors, past and present |

Contact Candice Sakuda if you have any questions and/or concerns.



Service-learning is a key component of our school’s reaccreditation proposal. As pedagogy, it can reinforce any course’s adherence to Chaminade’s mission. Extensive research “proves” that well-implemented S-L is highly effective in promoting student learning outcomes.

Incorporating service-learning (S-L) into your syllabi can be easy. The S-L Office invited faculty to “get their feet wet” by experimenting with new integrations of S-L in their classes.

The Chaminade S-L Faculty Resource Handbook was disseminated at Faculty Retreat. It includes information about syllabus/course development, different types of service-learning, assessment rubrics, curricular links for all disciplines, reflection strategies, and information about using S-L as a vehicle for research and publication.

Contact the S-L Office if you would like to access the Chaminade S-L Handbook.