CUH 100
The First Year Experience Seminar

Description: One of the most unique elements of a first-year student’s time at Chaminade University is the one-credit First Year Experience seminar completed by all students (CUH 100, as we call it). This course is designed to strengthen the connections built between students and faculty while encouraging positive personal, academic, and social development.  The course provides an introduction to the nature of a university education and a general orientation to the functions and resources of Chaminade University.  CUH 100 helps students adjust to college life, gain a better understanding of the learning process, and develop good academic skills.  Through the course, students gain a wide variety of tools that will help lead them to personal, professional, and academic success. 


CUH 100 has stated goals, or what we call "outcomes." Your CUH 100 instructor and Peer Mentor will guide you as you...

  • Learn about Chaminade University's distinct mission, goals of a Marianist education, academic expectations, policies and procedures.
  • Develop interdependence by creating mutually supportive relationships amongst your peers, with your CUH 100 instructor, Peer Mentor, and other members of the CUH community as you pursue your academic goals.
  • Accept greater personal responsibility for the outcomes and experiences that you create in college; learn to better manage your time, finances, and energy to accomplish academic and personal goals.
  • Develop and improve skills that will help maximize your ability to learn and succeed. Learn about and use academic support resources and enhance or gain essential study skills.
  • Explore majors and career opportunities. Learn to explore possible majors and occupations that fit your unique passions, abilities, and values; begin to define short-term and long-term educational and career/vocational goals.

CUH 100 in Jungle

The course meets once a week for 10 weeks and includes a service component. CUH 100 is team taught by a faculty member and an academically strong, upper-level student who has demonstrated leadership among peers and commitment to creating a welcoming environment for entering students.

CUH 100 Planting CUH 100 Painting

For more information, please contact:

Associate Dean of Students
Student Support Services, Room 103
(808) 735-4724