CSGA consists of the Executive Board and the Legislature, which includes two chambers; the elected Student Senate and the House of Representatives from active clubs on campus. CSGA also includes two main functional boards, the Programming Board and Allocations Board. Current Members of the CSGA Administration are listed below:

CSGA Executive Board
Martin Joseph Moore III President
Vacant Executive Vice President
Sarah Thach Vice President of Internal Affairs
Kiana Avalos Vice President of Finance
Angel-Baby Ifopo Vice President of Communication
Carlos Cortes Vice President of Programming
Peter Chang Chair of House of Representatives
CSGA Senate
Vacant Senator Board Chair
Senator at Large
Commuter Senator
Senior Senator
Senior Senator
Junior Senator
Junior Senator
Sophomore Senator
Sophomore Senator
Freshman Senator
Freshman Senator
Off-Campus Residential Senator
On-Campus Residential Senator
CSGA Programming Board
Carlos Cortes Programming Board Chair
Amber Alvarez Member
Anthony Bittner Member
Charo Rodrigues Member
Jacob Amborski Member
Kristopher Lee Adams Member
CSGA Allocations Board
Kiana Avalos Allocations Board Chair
Alexandra Roberts Member
Darnell Fenderson Member
Jerri Francisco Member
CSGA Communications Board
Angel-Baby Ifopo Communications Board Chair
Makerusa Porotesano CSGA/Allocations Advisor
Danny O'Reagan Programming Board Advisor