Health and Wellness

Looking for ways to stay active and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Look no further, OSAL Provides a variety of programs and workshops to help our students maintain a healthy college experience. This year OSAL has teamed up with Palolo District Park to enhance the intramural experience. Students can also expect workshops to strengthen both body and mind. For the complete semester schedule students can check out the OSAL health board across the OSAL office in Clarence T.C. Ching 106.


This year OSAL is hosting the following sports league and tournaments:

  • Volleyball League Play
  • Street Soccer League Play
  • Basketball Tournament
  • Ping-Pong and Pool Tournament

To sign-up your teams please watch the following video below! The video is only for those who will be the team captains as they will be the ones to sign up the rest of their teammates. If you still have questions about the leagues, please stop by our office in Clarence T.C. Ching 106 and we’ll be happy to help sign you up.
Log onto to sign up for this year’s intramurals starting Jan. 12th 2015

For those who are not team captains here is a sign up video for you. Sign-up choose a team that is already in the league or if you know your team already, go ahead and sign up to play for them. Watch this video to figure out how!

Wellness Programs

Check out OSALís Wellness Board across from the OSAL office in Clarence T.C. Ching 106 for updates on all upcoming programs which include:

  • Yoga & Pilates
  • Self Defense Courses
  • Healthy Eating
  • Improve Sleeping Workshops
  • Circuit Weight Training
  • Stress Management
  • Zumba

Make sure to check in with OSAL for more updates and events. You can also check out our Facebook by adding "Chaminade OSAL" as a friend on Facebook.