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Student Health Insurance
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Q. What kind of health insurance is available to me as a Chaminade student?
A. For the 2013-2014 academic year, Chaminade is offering plans through both HMSA (Hawaii Medical Service Association) and Kaiser Permanente. The plans offer medical and drug coverage. Dental insurance is now being made available through HMSA.

Q. Who is eligible to join the Chaminade University Student Plan?
A. Students enrolled at Chaminade University. Undergraduate and graduate students must have at least a half-time credit load (Undergraduates: 6 credits; Graduates: 3 credits or 1 credit of Thesis).

Q. How do I enroll?
A. For HMSA plans, students can go to Students may apply online ($10 online enrollment fee will apply) or paper applications are available in the Office of Student Support Services. For Kaiser Permanente plans, follow the link for Kaiser Individual Health Plans. Students may apply online or paper applications are available in the Office of Student Support Services. Please be sure to pay close attention to any enrollment deadlines for all plans.

Q. Is dental coverage offered?
A. Yes, dental coverage is now an option on HMSA plans only (please see Benefit Summary at A separate dental plan is also available through Hawaii Family Dental Centers (

Q. If I purchase the student plan, how much will it cost to see a doctor?
A. Costs vary from plan to plan. Refer to plan Benefit Summaries for this information (available at plan websites).

Q. How do I locate a local health care provider?
A. Both HMSA and Kaiser Permanente offer a provider locator on their websites.

Q. If I need to speak to someone about the plan I choose, who can I call?
A. If you have a question, problem or need more information, you can call HMSA Customer Service at 948-5555, Kaiser Permanente at 1-800-494-5314. If you have a question or ongoing problem that cannot be answered or resolved, you may call the Student Support Services Office at 735-4724.