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Transfer Credit Policy

Updated for 2010-2011

Community Colleges

Detailed information about transferring credit from all Hawai'i community colleges and American Samoa Community College can be found here.

Advanced Placement Tests

Applicants who have completed advanced work in secondary schools and who have taken the Advanced Placement Tests administered by the College Entrance Examination Board and scored three or higher on the test may apply for credit by submitting a request in writing to the Transcript Specialist in the Records Office. A maximum of 30 semester hours of credit may be granted.

General Transfer Credit Policy

Credit courses earned at other colleges or universities, completed with a grade of 'C' or better (2.0-4.0), not 'C-', may be applied toward undergraduate degrees at Chaminade University under the following provisions.

  1. Up to 90 semester hours of credit may be transferred toward any baccalaureate degree. Up to 45 semester hours of credit may be transferred toward any associates degree. However, only credit necessary for the completion of the degree program selected by the student will be accepted for application to the degree
  2. The college or university where credits were earned is accredited by the accrediting division of one of the following regional associations:
  3. Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
    New England Association of Schools and Colleges
    North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
    Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges
    Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
    Western Association of Schools and Colleges
  4. Courses completed with a grade of 'CR' or 'P' are not transferable to Chaminade unless these grades are equivalent to a grade of C or better (2.0-4.0).
  5. Courses were completed within 10 years prior to date of entry to Chaminade. Courses completed more than 10 years before enrollment at Chaminade may be accepted for general education requirements and electives after the student has satisfactorily completed 15 hours at Chaminade for an associate degree or 30 hours at Chaminade for a baccalaureate degree. To satisfy the general education requirements in the sciences, however, transfer credits may not in any case be more than 15 years old. Transfer credits over 10 years old intended to fulfill requirements in the major field of concentration must be evaluated by an advisor in that discipline.
  6. Courses are appropriate and applicable to the program and degree sought at Chaminade.
  7. Courses were not of a remedial, technical, vocational, or professional nature.
  8. Exceptions to the above policy may be made on a course-by-course basis as follows: credit earned at institutions in foreign countries verified by a certified English translation of transcripts and those accredited by agencies other than the regional associations in the U.S. (listed above).
  9. Transfer credit is only accepted for students accepted as classified degree seeking students. Unclassified students may not receive an official evaluation or acceptance of transfer credit. Accepted transfer credits will be posted to the Chaminade transcript with a grade of 'TR' to designate that the credits earned are transfer credits. Transfer credits are not used in the calculation of a student's grade point average at Chaminade.
  10. Credit for successful completion of college level correspondence courses from regionally accredited colleges and universities may be applied to all degrees offered at Chaminade, provided grades of 'C' or better were received. Acceptance will be determined on a course-by-course basis. Applications for such credit should be made through the Records Office.


More Information

For more information, please refer to the Chaminade Catalog, or request a free transfer credit evaluation from our enrollment specialist. Please email Marlene Baker, Enrollment Specialist, to set up an appointment or for more information: mbaker@chaminade.edu.