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Chaminade University Campus & Location

The Chaminade Campus—A Sense of Place

Chaminade University is in the Kaimuki neighborhood of Honolulu, not far from Waikiki beach. Influenced by Spanish Mission architecture, Chaminade’s white stucco buildings with red-tiled roofs are a gracious note on the hillside above Kaimuki. Looking out from campus, Diamond Head is visible at left, and a beautiful view of the ocean and the horizon is visible to the right, especially from the dorms on the upper campus slopes.

Chaminade has recently renovated many of its older buildings, and we have added several new buildings for classrooms and departmental use. Science students and faculty are especially pleased with the new, professional, state-of the art laboratories. Many new developments are planned.

School of Nursing

The spacious, newly constructed Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence K.W. (BoHing Chan) Tseu Center for Nursing Education in the School of Nursing includes two large nursing skills laboratories with 16 patient beds, a simulation facility with high-fidelity human simulators, 3 clinical action spaces, a control room, and 2 debriefing rooms. Additional spaces include a state-of-the-art computer lab and a classroom and offices.


Chaminade’s laboratory renovations in Henry Hall create a new and vibrant environment for modern science instruction and the pursuit of scholarly research. The new laboratory facilities encompass approximately 15,700 square feet and are multi-purpose, used for both introductory and advanced courses for majors and allow instructors to fully utilize their recognized expertise. The laboratories encompass 10 new teaching labs, 8 new faculty offices, and an advanced instrumentation facility. Specialized support spaces include faculty research areas, hazardous chemical storage, and laboratory preparation areas and a workshop.


The Sullivan Family Library, completed in 2008, is the latest addition to the campus and continues the Mediterranean motif. The 30,000 square foot structure is the largest academic facility built at Chaminade since its founding and functions as a library and an information services resource center. It carries on the historic look of its predecessors. Yet, it is innovative and state-of-the-art in what it offers students. The climate-controlled library features a 40-station computer lab, more than 70,000 print books and 240 print journals, 34,000 electronic books and 19,000 online journals. Outdoors, a lovely lawn creates a gathering spot with a small garden of native Hawaiian plants nearby.


Mystical Rose Oratory provides a more contemporary look among the university’s historic buildings. Round with a fluted roof bordered by stained glass windows, the university’s chapel sits elegantly overlooking Palolo Valley. Built in the 1960s, Mystical Rose serves as a gathering place for worship, reflecting the institution’s value for spiritual formation.

The Dorms

Chaminade bustles with student life. It has six dorms-- three on-campus and three off-campus buildings. Hale Lokelani and Hale Pohaku, the university’s on-campus coed residences, have sweeping east to west views from Diamond Head and Waikiki, the skyscrapers of downtown Honolulu to the Waianae Mountains. Kieffer Hall, an all-female residential living quarters, has views of Palolo Valley and Diamond Head and fragrant plumeria blossoms under the windows. Chaminade’s three off-campus residences are all within walking distance. All facilities provide comfortable, safe and secure living quarters that encourage community, student life and academic scholarship.


As for meals, the Silversword Café is a friendly gathering place on campus where students are offered an excellent menu of delicious, healthy choices. For quicker meals, there is also a small café in Henry Hall. Off-campus and within walking distance, there are also available a variety of local eateries.