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What's New at Chaminade

Exciting Progress

Chaminade continues to grow and evolve as an institution of higher learning.

Tucked away in Kaimuki off of Waialae Avenue, even nearby residents may not have witnessed our phenomenal expansion. Within the last 8 years, Chaminade has grown and developed at an impressive rate. We have renovated existing buildings, added 7 new buildings and a beautiful 30,000 square foot library that occupies the heart of campus. As impressive as our growth in facilities has been our growth in academic expertise. To add to our talented pool of professors, over the last 6 years, we have hired many new full-time faculty members.

In the Sciences:

All of our science facilities are state-of-the-art, either new or newly renovated, and we have recently welcomed a new Dean of Natural Sciences. The new facilities, new course offerings, the addition of new faculty members and growing faculty expertise, plus the increasing opportunities for our students to do research on-campus and participate in training and research programs at top-tier institutions on the mainland has allowed us to offer a top-notch, individualized program to our small, select student body. Alumni from this program are now entering medical school and graduate programs.

In Undergraduate Business and MBA Programs:

Many of our faculty are graduates of the nation’s top business and professional schools, including Harvard, UCLA, Wisconsin, Virginia, and more.

We offer the distinct advantage of size: small. Students can work closely with our excellent faculty, peers, and business mentors, in a highly collaborative environment. The Hogan Entrepreneurial program is another opportunity for those pursuing business knowledge, a close-up look at how to get a new idea off the ground. Alumni have described these programs as “intimate, yet professional."

Leadership in Community Oriented Professions:

Our large and well-regarded programs in the community-oriented fields of education and criminal justice have produced numerous leaders in the Honolulu community, including several Honolulu police chiefs and numerous school principals and administrators. At Chaminade, natural talents for leadership are broadened and deepened by an emphasis on social justice, ethics, and community service.