Summer Bridge Tuition and Costs

Summer Bridge Costs include:

  • Summer Bridge Tuition
  • Textbooks
  • Activity fee
  • Housing (if needed, housing on campus is not mandatory)
  • Living expenses

​Estimate costs for Summer Bridge range between approximately $1,000 to $3,000 depending on many factors. Please note: Summer Bridge expenses are not included in the costs associated with Fall and Spring semester attendance. Your total cost to attend Summer Bridge will also depend on whether you commute to Chaminade or stay in Chaminade housing. Prepare in advance to provide for incidental expenses as well. You will be asked to make a $150.00 tuition deposit. See the tuition and housing costs matrix. See Summer Bridge financial aid information.

Tuition Deposit
There is a $150 one-time non-refundable tuition deposit. This indicates that you are committed to attending Chaminade University. This deposit is applied to your first term tuition which will be Summer Bridge 2014. You need to make only one deposit to cover Summer Bridge and fall enrollment. You will need your Chaminade University ID number (available from the Admissions office) if you make the deposit payment online. We will enroll you in your Summer Bridge courses once the tuition deposit is received.

Summer Bridge Tuition & Fees

English Bridge Tuition: $1,440
Activity Fee: $50
Textbooks: Estimate $150 to $250
Optional Housing: $1,492

Once we have received your deposit and all of your forms (by May 30th) you will be issued an invoice for Summer Bridge tuition and fees which is due by Monday, July 13th (the first day of the program).

Payment can be made by check to Chaminade University and sent to the Chaminade University Business Office. Alternatively, you can pay online through the Chaminade web portal. See Tuition Payments and Billing.

Chaminade University of Honolulu
Business Office
3140 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu Hawaii 96816

Please see the chart below to budget costs with housing. (Note: on-campus housing is not mandatory, you commute.)

Commuting Students
Tuition: $1,440
Activity Fee: $50
Total: $1,490

With On-Campus Housing
Tuition: $1,440
Housing: $1,492
Activity Fee: $50
Total: $2,972

You should budget between $150 to $250 for Summer Bridge textbooks.
Students may purchase textbooks from the Chaminade University bookstore. 

Students must have their textbooks for the first day of class.

How to Seach for Textbooks:

  1. Go to the University Bookstore
  2. Term: Summer 15 Day 3
  3. Department: EN
  4. Course (reference your course schedule): Select 091 or 100
  5. Section: 01-1