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All About Pre-Requisites

What are they?

Pre-requisites are courses that must be successfully completed with a ‘C’ or better prior to registering for the next sequential course. For example, EN 102 and COM 101 are pre-requisites for all upper division courses (courses number 300 and above).

How do I know if a course I’m taking is a pre-requisite?

Aside from EN 102 and COM 101 as pre-requisites for all upper division courses, Pre-requisites are listed below the course descriptions in the General Catalog ( See example below:

BU 324 Quantitative Methods in Business (3)
Each of the business disciplines uses quantitative information in its planning, operations, and performance evaluation. This course introduces students to a variety of methods and tools for using quantitative data effectively: linear programming, Bayes Decision Rules, forecasting, multiple regression, network models, utility measures and inventory models. Offered every semester. Prerequisites: MA 103, BU 224.

What happens if I don’t pass the course with a ‘C’ or better?

If that course is the only pre-requisite option and you are required to take the next sequential course, you will need to repeat the pre-requisite course and pass it with a ‘C’ or better before moving on.

What if I want to take a course, but have not taken the pre-requisite course?

It is highly recommended you successfully complete pre-requisite courses BEFORE taking the next sequential course because the pre-requisites help to prepare you for the rigor and content of the higher level course. However, if you can demonstrate the knowledge to fulfill the pre-requisites, you may get a Pre-Requisite Waiver form approved by the course instructor, Division Chair, and Associate Provost.

Can I take a course and its’ pre-requisite at the same time?

Although it is not recommended, it is possible to take a required course and its pre-requisite at the same time if the course instructor, Division Chair, and Associate Provost grant approval on a Pre-Requisite Waiver form.