Planning to Transfer?

What do I need to do if I'm planning to transfer to another institution?

  • Get in Contact – Talk to the institution you are interested in attending in order to find out which courses will transfer to their school. Transfer students often "lose" credits each time they change schools, so you want to maximize the credits you take at Chaminade in your last semester.
  • Plan Early – The earlier you start the better! Make sure you meet deadlines for the application, financial aid, etc.
  • Continue to Work Hard – Most institutions only accept credit for courses in which you receive a grade of "C" or better. Although many schools do not calculate transferring grades into your cumulative GPA, each grade will still show up on official transcripts.
  • Official Transcripts – Most institutions require you submit official transcripts with your application. You can order these through the Records Office. Save yourself a "rush charge" by doing this early.
  • Pre-Register for Classes – Unless you are absolutely certain that you will not be attending Chaminade next semester, pre-register for classes. This will insure you have a schedule to work with in case you change your mind. Make sure to drop your courses if you're not coming to Chaminade after all, or you may be financially responsible to pay tuition.
  • University Withdrawal Form – Pick up a University Withdrawal Form from the Dean of Student's Office, fill it out, get it signed off by all appropriate offices, and turn the completed form into the Records Office. Completion of this form will drop any classes you have pre-registered for in upcoming terms.