summer bridge

Summer Bridge 2015 dates: July 13 - August 14


If our admissions department has notified you that you have been admitted conditionally, then you
are in the right place to learn more about our Summer Bridge Program.

Held on our campus for 5 weeks in the summer, Summer Bridge is a mandatory program for those
who are admitted conditionally based on their SAT/ACT scores. Summer Bridge provides you with the
opportunity to take pre-college or first-year level courses to prepare for your first semester in college.
Summer Bridge must be completed successfully with C's or higher in order to enroll in 2015 Fall
semester classes.

Summer Bridge is a great experience, but we also expect you to take it seriously. Chaminade
University believes you have the potential to be a successful college student. Summer Bridge is the
way for you to show that to us, and to yourself.

Summer Bridge begins on Sunday, July 12th, 2015. Read more about:

Frequently Asked Questions

What classes will I take?
You will take two classes during the 5 weeks of Summer Bridge. These classes will be chosen for you
based on your SAT/ACT scores.

  • English Bridge: You will take English 091 and English 100

We feel that these classes represent the coursework that you most need to be well-prepared for your
first semester of college.

How difficult is it?

As we noted, you must successfully complete each class with a grade of C or higher to enroll in the
fall. Fortunately, you will be surrounded by supportive staff and faculty who will assist you in achieving
success. Free tutoring is available for all coursework during the Summer Bridge. Also, advisors and
peer mentors are available to help guide you through the summer and through the rest of your college career.

What does it cost?

The Summer Bridge tuition is an additional amount not included in fall or spring tuition. Also, you will
have room and board expenses if you plan to live on campus. Be sure to see the costs overview page.

Important Dates

Summer Bridge 2014 dates: July 13 - August 15

May 1 (Thursday): Please make a tuition deposit by this date.
May 30 (Monday): All summer bridge forms are due.
June 6 (Friday): Deadline to apply for health insurance covering the summer, if applicable. See more information.
June 30 (Monday): Deadline to apply for Academic Achievement Program Scholarship.
July 3 (Thursday): Let us know if you need an airport shuttle pick-up by this date.
July 12 (Saturday): Airport shuttle for arrivals. Residence hall check-in for students residing
in campus housing.
July 13 (Sunday): Summer Bridge Information Session, mandatory attendance. Summer Bridge tuition is due. Invoice can be paid online at any time. Purchase textbooks by this date.
July 14 (Monday): First Day of Summer Bridge classes.
August 15 (Friday): Last Day of Summer Bridge classes.
August 21 (Thursday): Check-in for Fall New Student Orientation
August 25 (Monday): Fall 2014 Semester classes begin.

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