The biochemistry degree program recognizes that chemistry is the "central science" and that biochemical processes are essential to life on our planet. This biochemistry program is composed of sophisticated intellectual content as well as practical experiences in the laboratory. Experiences in the program include:

  • Exposure to contemporary ideas in biology and chemistry
  • A challenging range of chemistry courses
  • Rigorous laboratory courses involving advanced instrumentation and techniques
  • A capstone research experience
  • Encouragement to participate in research internships opportunities throughout your degree progression

The biochemistry major is an excellent preparation for Medical School, other health professions, graduate school (MS or PhD), careers in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, in science policy and NGOs, and in academia. The US needs a million more science professionals that we currently produce by 2020 (requiring a 34% increase in output per year). These scientists will confront global challenges in health, our environment and social justice. There are local and national shortages in the number of MDs and areas such as Pharmacy. So it's a great time to become a scientist or health provider.


The Biochemistry curriculum was designed in 2010-11 - so it's cutting edge. The courses that we used in curriculum design (and to which our curriculum closely aligns) were:

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