B.A. in Business Administration

Business intern

Chaminade's undergraduate Business Administration degree program has many characteristics that make it an attractive choice for students looking to start a career in business.

The Fundamentals

Business specialties come and go. Chaminade's program emphasizes the fundamentals of general business management, in order that students are prepared for an ever-changing business environment and changing economy.

Hands-on philosophy

This program provides plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning, providing the knowledge and skills essential for working in real-world organizations, including:

  • "Living" case studies
  • Internships
  • Community-based service projects, such as award-winning projects to provide tax services to the homeless, and financial literacy to immigrant families
  • Involvement with professional associations
  • Our senior projects immerse students in the world of work
  • Opportunity to participate in the dynamic Hogan Entrepreneurial program

Video: Business Administration Program at Chaminade

Small class sizes, great faculty

Our programs are characterized by a low student-to-faculty ratio and small class sizes. Our outstanding faculty are graduates of some of the nation's top business and professional schools.

Teamwork and professionalism

In this program, students develop their ability to work with others effectively in professional settings, and become skilled at using technology and information resources to make sound, socially responsible decisions at work. Students learn core business functions, structures, and the processes of organizations. Business coursework builds on the liberal arts core curriculum to further students' skills in critical thinking, using theory for taking action, and communicating with clarity and impact. The program actively engages Marianist values to prepare students to lead with integrity and make important contributions to their organizations and communities.