B.S. Elementary Education

The Elementary Education degree program is offered for full time undergraduate students on our Honolulu campus. As part of the campus program, students work closely with outstanding faculty, are a part of our collegiate community and utilize the many resources available to students on campus.

Licensure Details

Upon completion of the Elementary Education degree program, graduates are certified for teaching Kindergarten through 6th grade. Chaminade follows certification guidelines set by the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board.

Chaminade graduates are qualified to teach in most states upon completion of the program. All Chaminade University education licensure programs are approved by the Hawai'i Teachers Standards Board.

Program Description

Class sizes are small and student to faculty ratio is about 12 to 1. Students receive individualized attention from faculty and a quality educational experience. Additionally, our students create a peer-to-peer network and learning community through various clubs and activities such as the Education Club and service-learning. As our students progress through the degree program they have opportunities to work closely with children of diverse backgrounds, ages and abilities through service-learning activities and time devoted to observation and participation (O & P). During O & P our students visit elementary schools, observe classroom management techniques and work one-on-one with students or with the full class. Later, student teaching provides an immersion in the classroom and the challenge of teaching for an entire semester.


The concept of service-learning throughout the university is for our students to use what they have learned in the classroom to help others (and also get class credit). In the case of the elementary education program, service-learning is an opportunity for Chaminade students to assist struggling students in nearby elementary schools, especially at Palolo Elementary School which has a high population of students from immigrant families.

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