Master of Arts in Teaching: Secondary with Licensure
Math, English, Social Studies, or Science

The Master of Arts in Teaching in secondary education is a 49-credit program that provides students the opportunity to develop skills in practice, theory, scholarship and communication as applied to grade 7-12 learners, and to meet state licensure requirements.

Students in Secondary Education must select a concentration area in Mathematics, English, Science or Social Studies

MAT Secondary Courses*
EDUC 600 Introduction to the Master’s Degree (1)
EDUC 601 Historical/Social Foundations Ed (3)
EDUC 602 Psychological Foundations in Education (3)
EDUC 603 Child Development and Ed (3)
**EDUC 620/21/22 Teaching in the Area of Specialization (3)
EDUC 623 Secondary Teaching Strategies (3)
EDUC 640 Educational Technology (3)
EDUC 642 Literacy in Content Areas (3)
EDUC 643 Hawaiian Culture & Language (3)
EDUC 650 Managing School Environments (3)
EDUC 652 Multicultural Education (3)
EDUC 654 Assessment of Teaching & Learning (3)
EDUC 660 Intro. to Exceptional Children  (3)
EDUC 681 Secondary Teaching Seminar (3)
EDUC 682 Secondary Student Teaching (6)***
Recommend for Licensure, 46 credits
EDUC 790 Issues of Peace, Social Justice, & Educational Reform
MAT Secondary, 49 credits
*For other requirements, see Additional Licensure Requirements.
**Depending on their subject concentration, candidates take one of these three courses.
***Students must pass the Praxis II (Subject Assessment) prior to Student Teaching application due date