Behavioral Sciences | Environmental Studies


Mission Statement

Chaminade University is a Marianist institution committed as an extension of Marianist values to producing local, state, national and international servant-leaders adept at the multidisciplinary acts of understanding, communicating, ameliorating and preserving or developing more harmonious interactions with the environment.

The University's major in Environmental Studies produces skilled intellectual pre-professionals considerate of the spiritual, ethical, scientific, economic, political, legal, historical and cultural aspects of environmental issues. Students in the Environmental Studies Program benefit from a learning experience which prepares them for the real world through coursework, fieldwork, research, service and apprenticeship in the community.

Program Core Purpose

To prepare students to create and perpetuate a future in which the value of diversity is universally known and practiced and the quality of life is not diminished.

Student Learning Outcomes

The Environmental Studies student will demonstrate an understanding of:

  1. The central importance of spirituality and worldviews in the “environmental movement”
  2. Problem-solving skills from diverse disciplines for diverse populations
  3. Scientific reasoning and methodology
  4. The roles and importance of laws, politics and economics in environmental issues
  5. Relevant written and oral communication skills
  6. Computer literacy
  7. The major environmental issues and their potential solutions
  8. The importance of the environment in our own health and well being
  9. Career opportunities in the environment