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The Advantages of a Chaminade Environmental Studies Degree

Here is a list of the reasons why I believe Chaminade’s Environmental Studies Program is a really good one. It’s a program that has been designed to prepare students for a career, educate them about global and island environmental issues, and engage their passions to make a difference into the future:

  1. Integrates knowledge from many academic disciplines (biology, chemistry, physics, geology, sociology, psychology, business, ethics, law & policy, management and religion).

  2. Offers a course curriculum designed with the input of over forty environmental professionals currently working in Hawaii and on the mainland.

  3. Encourages a systems approach to environmental problem-solving, ensuring that students gain an understanding of all of the components of environmental issues.

  4. Explores and examines processes of understanding and changing human behavior towards a holistic engagement with the environment.

  5. Provides students with an in-depth understanding of the environmental ethics of Eastern, Western and Polynesian peoples and makes clear the importance of understanding value-systems in effecting successful environmental problem-solving.

  6. Teaches students essential environmental skills through hands-on experience working in the field on real environmental projects.

  7. Provides students with experience working in partnership with many public and private agencies and organizations.

  8. Encourages individual research and internships with environmental agencies, organizations and businesses.

  9. Capitalizes on Hawaii’s status as a premier place to learn about environmental issues.

  10. Offers small classes, encourages student-faculty interaction and is committed to personal advising and mentoring.

  11. Assists students in efforts to win environmental scholarships and internships.

  12. Prepares students to pursue graduate programs and diverse careers in the environmental industry.

Dr. Gail Grabowsky - Environmental Studies Program Director