Financial Aid: New/Incoming First-Year Students

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How to Get Financial Aid

This information is for new incoming students interested in our full-time, Honolulu campus undergraduate program.


Remember, the single most important step to get financial aid is to file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) each year between January 1 and March 1. The FAFSA is the form to file for federal aid because it determines your financial need and it is the basis for additional aid and grants that you may receive from other sources (including Chaminade Institutional Aid.)

There are many more steps involved in the process. See our Calendar and Process links below. For details on the documents you will need to file a FAFSA, see this page.

Estimate Your Financial Aid

Do you want to know how much you will get and how much Chaminade will cost? The Chaminade College Cost Estimator will factor in your scholarships from Chaminade and your estimated financial aid, in order to give you an idea of your costs to attend Chaminade.

Financial Aid Calendar

Making plans to start fall semester? Please note these are NOT FIRM DATES, only a recommended schedule for freshmen planning to enter fall term. You can actually start the process at any time. If you need help with the recommended dates for a spring term start, or you have any questions, please contact the financial aid office.

Step Date Description
1. Fall/Winter Apply to Chaminade, Give us your SSN
2. Fall/Winter Follow up: Send in all application documents
3. Fall/Winter Accepted? Receive automatic merit award
4. Fall/Winter Consider your budget
5. Fall/Winter Study up on scholarships
6. December/March External scholarship deadlines
7. January File taxes
8. February Start FAFSA
9. February File FAFSA; check FAFSA for corrections
10. March Chaminade award letter issued
11. Any time after acceptance Make a decision, deposit, enroll
12. Any time after award Contact Financial Aid to accept award
13. Any time after award Apply for Direct Federal Loans
14. June, August Chaminade invoice arrives
15. August-October Money is disbursed
16. Any time Maintain your eligibility

The Financial Aid Process

1. Get Started: Apply to Chaminade

When: Any time, recommended Fall for starting the following Fall Term

Start the process by completing your application for admission to Chaminade.

Your social security number is important for financial aid. If you intend to apply for aid, and you do not include your social security number on the online application, please contact the Chaminade Admissions Office as soon as possible after completing the online application. (An option is to give us your social security number over the phone. Phone (808) 739-8340.)

We do not have a deadline for applications, we process applications throughout the year. Our online application can be completed in several sections. To complete your application we have to receive records of your test scores, school transcripts, and a personal statement.

» Apply Online
» Application Checklist

2. Follow Up: Send in all Application Items

Be sure to get test scores and transcripts in.

When: As soon as possible after completing the application form.

Legwork & Emails:
Get your school and the testing services to send transcripts and test scores directly to Chaminade admissions. We will also need a personal statement.

Double Check and Follow Up:

» Check your email inbox and your snail mailbox for messages from us
» Check your Chaminade file in Chaminade WebAdvisor
» Application Checklist

3. Accepted? Automatic Merit Scholarship for GPA

When: Granted with acceptance to Chaminade.

If you are accepted to Chaminade as an entering freshman, you will receive an automatic scholarship based on a good high school GPA. Look up the award amounts:

» Chaminade Scholarships

4. Consider your budget

When: Any Time

Estimate Your Cost of School: Take a look at your costs and budgets.

» Tuition
» College Cost Estimator
» Undergraduate Costs, Budgets

5. Study Up on Scholarships and Talk with Parents, Teachers

When: October, November (or any time)

Study Up, Make a List of Scholarships: Look into all scholarship opportunities that you may qualify for. Do research on the web in your areas of interest. Talk to counselors and teachers for scholarship ideas. Keep these fine people in mind for letters of recommendation for scholarships. Make a list of the scholarships you would like to apply for, and start to work on them with deadlines in mind.

» External Scholarships
» Links

Talk FAFSA with Your Parents: The talking point: make sure your parents know the importance of starting on their tax returns early, in January if possible when W2 forms are mailed, and getting the FAFSA filing done early as well, in February if possible. You'll need to get the FAFSA filed to get most types of scholarships and aid.

» Filing a FAFSA

6. Scholarship Deadlines

When: As early as December 1

Community scholarship deadlines are from December 1 through March (for upcoming fall semester enrollment.) Be aware of scholarship deadlines. Get your scholarship applications done early!

Note: Chaminade does not have applications for most community scholarships. You must request the application from the organization administering the scholarship.

Our policy is to maximize your scholarship potential. Let the Financial Aid Office know about any non-Chaminade scholarships you receive. We are required by federal law to list these scholarships in your package. However, our policy is to avoid reducing any of our own grant assistance due to outside scholarship awards (unless mandated by federal regulations). If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Financial Aid Office.

7. File Taxes

When: Late January

File Taxes: W2's arrive in January. Parents can now file taxes. The FAFSA can be started at any time.

Don't delay the FAFSA filing!

Tips: Remember, if your tax returns must be delayed, you can use estimated income amounts. If parents are not filing a return, known income amounts can be used. Contact us with your questions!

8. Start FAFSA

When: Early February

Our school code is 001605.

To start, you and your parent will each need a PIN, an electronic signature. Your PIN will be used each year you file a FAFSA, so keep it on file. Federal Student Aid PIN.

You will need to collect several more items of information before beginning the FAFSA. Check this page for what you will need.

Log in to the FAFSA site at

Note: Recent changes have made the FAFSA somewhat easier to tackle. As a student, you may be able to fill out the form with your parent's tax information, and have them check it over and sign it.

9. File FAFSA, Check FAFSA

When: February

Check FAFSA for errors: Before you submit the FAFSA, be sure to enter your email address on the FAFSA form, and after you submit, watch your inbox for messages regarding your FAFSA.

Check FAFSA status: Three days after you hit "submit" and successfully file the FAFSA, you can check the status of your FAFSA online on the FAFSA site. You can see if anything is incomplete or if additional steps need to be taken.

When does Chaminade get your FAFSA? We will get our copy/report within about 2 weeks after it has been submitted online.

10. Chaminade Award Letter Issued

When: March (for Fall Term)

Your Chaminade award will give you the amounts of your cost of attendance, EFC (Estimated Family Contribution) and the need amount that your package is based on. Your package will contain the amounts of your merit scholarships, and all aid, loans, and scholarships that you have qualified for. Once you have received your award, you may want to check this link:

» Understanding Your Award

Once an award has been issued, with your Chaminade ID number, you can access a copy of your award online in WebAdvisor.

» Chaminade WebAdvisor

11. Make a Decision, Deposit, Enroll

When: Spring, Summer for Fall Term

Deposit: If you have decided that Chaminade may be the school for you, to reserve your place, please make a deposit with Admissions.

Decision: Please let Admissions know when you have made your firm decision to attend Chaminade. There is some additional required paperwork (such as the health form) to complete, and if you will live on campus you will need to reserve your dorm.

Enroll: Enrollment is easy for your first semester. Our enrollment specialist will assemble your preferred course schedule as soon as we have your deposit.

12. Accept Your Award

When: Soon after you make a deposit

Remember, after you have made your decision to attend Chaminade, you must accept the award amount you intend to use. This step will start the paperwork needed for loans you may decide to borrow.

Students may use the online accept/reject financial aid form in WebAdvisor to accept full or partial award amounts or to fully reject an award. You can also contact your counselor in the Financial Aid Office if you would like to discuss your financial aid options before making a decision.

13. Apply for Direct Federal Loans

When: Soon after you have accepted your award / no later than early summer for fall semester enrollment.

For the best timing, apply no later than early summer, for fall term enrollment. Before borrowing, educate yourself about loans.

» Information on our website about loans
»The web site

If you are taking out a loan:
Complete your Master Promissory Note and Entrance Interview Counseling (if necessary), no later than early summer, so that your funds will be on time for fall term.

14. Chaminade Invoice Arrives

When: Early Summer

Your Chaminade invoice will arrive BEFORE your financial aid is disbursed to your account. To get a sense of what you will have to pay (if anything) compare your balance to the financial aid that you see on your award letter.

15. Money Arrives

When: Fall Term

If you’ve followed through on all the prior steps, your financial aid should be ready by the start of school. Federal regulations prohibit federal aid from being disbursed to students’ accounts any sooner than 10 days before the start of school. Chaminade begins disbursing all available aid as early as this so that students’ accounts are settled by the first day of classes.

If you have more aid in your account than charges pending you will eventually receive a refund of your excess aid in the form of a paper check distributed at the Business Office window. Your refund will be available at the earliest possible time according to policies set forth by the Business Office.

Maintaining Eligibility

Study, study: Going forward, the most important thing you can do stay eligible for financial aid is to maintain satisfactory academic progress.

Merit and Religious Scholarships: Your Chaminade GPA may vary but your award amount each year will remain the same as the year you entered Chaminade.

FAFSA: You will need to file a FAFSA each year to be eligible to receive financial aid.

In addition, you are eligible to apply for and receive federal financial aid if you are, or will be:

  • a classified student at CUH
  • have registered with the selective service (applies to U.S. males ages 18-25)
  • maintaining satisfactory academic progress
  • have not been convicted of a drug offense during the time you are enrolled and receiving financial aid
  • have not defaulted on a prior student loan or owe a refund on a previous educational grant

Note: You must be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen to qualify for financial aid.