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Degree Requirements

The Masters of Science in Forensic Sciences requires a minimum of 37 credit hours past the B.S. Degree in courses numbered 500 and above, including 2 credit hours of Seminar (FS 790). Courses taken to fulfill the credit hours required are determined by mutual agreement between the student and the supervising faculty member. Because of the nature of the field of Forensic Sciences, a broad knowledge of different subdisciplines is required. For this reason, a strong core has been designed to give the student knowledge in basic areas encountered by the working forensic scientist.

In addition to formal course work, the student is expected to complete a terminal project under the supervision of a faculty member. At the end of the program, a final comprehensive examination will be administered by a committee composed of two members from the Forensic Sciences Program (one to be the faculty supervisor) and one outside member from the adjunct faculty or another related area within Chaminade University, such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Criminal Justice.