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Underwater Forensics Investigation Workshop

June 1-5, 2015

Forensics & Underwater Investigation

Debunk the myths associated with underwater crime scene recovery. Learn and practice the scientific protocol that can and should be applied to underwater crime scenes. Methods and techniques to locate, recover and handle submerged evidence will be covered, along with the handling of firearms, bodies and vehicles to prevent contamination or loss of forensic evidence.

The underwater investigation workshop is a five-day (40 hour) course that carries three college credits. Participants include undergraduate and graduate students as well as criminal justice professionals from around the country and Pacific Region. Undergraduate and Graduate student participants may earn college credit.

Participants with SCUBA certification may earn an Underwater Investigator Certification upon payment of a $22.00 certification fee through the International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers. SCUBA certification is NOT required to participate in the course.

Ronald Becker, J.D.
Director, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Chaminade University
Former Director, Southwest Texas State Underwater Institute
Author, Underwater Forensic Investigation

Lt. Lynn Dixon
Commander, Texas Department of Public Safety Dive Team


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Text Box: Cost of Attendance    Tuition (3 credits):  $1,410    Housing Accommodations:  Six nights, on-campus dorm suite    Double occupancy:  $45-$55 per night    Single occupancy:  $65 per night    Housing application deadline:  May 22, 2015