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The Hogan Entrepreneurial Index: 2007

The Hogan Entrepreneurial Index: 2007

The Hogan Program began in a period of considerable uncertainty about Hawaii’s economy. Forbes Magazine had just published an unflattering article calling Hawaii one of the worst places to do business and there was considerable skepticism about whether it could become a good place for entrepreneurs. The economy is obviously robust today and there have been government and private sector initiatives designed to foster an environment friendly to entrepreneurs. The Governor’s Innovation Initiative, is perhaps the latest example.

We decided that now would be a good time to attempt a modest assessment of the conditions and outlook for Hawaii’s young growth companies – while possibly establishing a bench mark for comparison in future years.

More than 30 entrepreneurial “experts” gave generously their time to our study.

Nonprofit Management (Resources, Operations and Governance) Booklet

Nonprofit Management Booklet

This booklet is one more expression of Chaminade’s support for the important work of nonprofits in Hawaii. Sally Little’s articles perform the useful task of highlighting the challenges faced by the many nonprofits that help meet Hawaii’s needs - from how to recruit for the organization and for the board to how to measure and track performance; from dreaming of greatness to the nuts and bolts and hard work of getting there. We are confident that many will find this compilation of Sally’s articles a helpful resource.

Public Policy Forum

Every few months, we try to bring Hawaii’s opinion leaders together in small closed-door discussions of important issues. In this way, we hope to help build a better understanding on matters that significantly impact the economic and social climate of where we live and where we conduct our business.


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