The Social Studies major, leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B. A.) degree, prepares students to teach social studies in middle and secondary schools. It is designed as a State of Hawai'i Department of Education (D.O.E.) approved content area, and may be used by students seeking a State of Hawai'i license to teach in secondary schools. This license is earned within the Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree program. Please consult your advisor. In addition to this approved content area, students must complete additional licensing courses in Education, which may be applied toward the M.Ed. degree.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will demonstrate an understanding of:

  1. Historical change, continuity and causalityStudents will employ chronology to understand change and continuity, as well as cause and effect, in history. The skills and competencies in this area are developed in all regularly offered history courses;
  2. The workings of politics and governanceStudents will learn how and why people create forms of governance. This knowledge can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of laws and political institutions. The skills and competencies in this area are developed in all regularly offered political science courses;
  3. Historical and political perspectives and interpretationsStudents will explain historical events and political developments with multiple views and interpretations thereby avoiding explanations that point to historical linearity or political inevitability. Skills and competencies in this area are primarily developed in: HI 304, HI/POL 305, HI 321, HI 322, HI/POL 324, HI/POL 341, HI 344, POL 374, POL 375, POL 376, HI/POL 401,HI/POL 402, HI/POL 403, HI 405, POL 411, HI/POL 420, HI 422, HI 424, HI/POL 442, HI/POL 444, HI/POL 446, HI/POL 451, HI/POL 453;
  4. How to conduct and present historical and political researchStudents will use the tools and methods of historians or political scientists to transform learning from memorization to actually “doing” history or political science. Skills and competencies in this area are developed primarily in HI 490, POL 490, and the required capstone course HI/POL 494; and
  5. Preparation for an intended career: the program offers preparation for the following career areas:
    • Law: student has taken or will enroll in the pre-law seminars offered by Chaminade University; student has taken or will complete by the end of the HI/POL 494 course three practice LSAT examinations;
    • Education: student has taken or is prepared to take PRAXIS I (pre-professional skills test) and PRAXIS II (subject assessments) examinations by the end of the HI/POL 494 course; student understands the licensure process for the school district in which he or she intends to teach; and
    • Government: student knows or will know by the end of the HI/POL 494 course how to locate jobs, identify qualifications and prepare for civil service examination(s) with the country, state and federal governments. Skills and competencies in this area are reviewed in the required course HI/POL 494. 

Lower-division requirements:

These seven courses are vital preparation for teaching the social studies curriculum in middle and high schools, as well as taking the PRAXIS II Social Studies Content Knowledge Examination, which is required for the licensing of teachers in Hawai’i and other states. 

  • EC 201 Principals of Macroeconomics
  • GE 102 World Regional Geography
  • HI 151 World Civilizations I
  • HI 152 World Civilizations II
  • HI 201 America through Civil War
  • HI 202 America since Civil War
  • POL 211 American Government & Politics

Upper-division requirements*:

  1. Select a minimum of seven (7) courses from: HI 301, HI 302, HI 304, HI/POL 305, HI 321, HI/RE 322, HI 323, HI/POL 324, HI/POL 341, HI/POL 344, HI 371, POL 375, HI/POL 401, HI/POL 402, HI/POL 403, HI 405, HI 406, HI 407,HI/POL 418, HI/POL 419, HI 422, HI 424, HI/POL 438, HI/POL 439, HI/POL 442, HI 443, HI/POL 444, HI/POL 446, HI 450, HI/POL 451, HI 452, HI/POL 453, HI/POL 475;

  2. HI/POL 494 Research Seminar (Student will have to complete at least 12 hours of upper-division history/political science coursework before enrolling in this course).

* Students preparing to teach in Hawai’i must take HI 450 and HI/POL 451

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