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Criminal Justice Periodicals Index

CJPI can provide information on virtually any criminal justice topic, including corrections administration, law enforcement, social work, industrial security, drug rehabilitation, and criminal and family law. The database offers coverage for about 50 of the titles most frequently accessed by criminal justice researchers and also includes complete indexing and abstracts for another 140 relevant U.S. and international journals.

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  • At the Basic Search screen, enter your search term(s) in the Basic Search box.
  • Refine Search:
    • Date Range - choose date range from drop-down menu
    • Limit results to (narrow your search):
  • Full Text - limits search results to full text articles.
  • Scholarly Journals (including peer reviewed) - limits search results to journals.
  • More Search Options:
    • Publication title - limits search results to articles from a specific title.
    • Author
      • Look for terms in - search your term(s) within the full text of articles or the citation.
      • Document type - search in everything from books to statistics.
      • Publication type - journals, newspapers, magazines, etc.
      • Browse Topics - to find subject terms used in the discipline

Search Techniques


To search for



All words

corrections AND prisons
to find corrections and prisons in every record


Any of the words

law OR legal
to find law or legal (or both) in every record


One word but not another

convictions NOT appeals
to find convictions but not appeals


Finds articles with the first word but not the second

juvenile AND NOT courts

" "

Exact phrase

"narcotics division" or narcotics division
to find narcotics division as an exact phrase


Variant endings of a word

to find judge, judges, judging


Replace a single letter

to find neat, nest, next


Words near each other in any order

alcohol W/3 drugs
to find alcohol and drugs within 3 words of each other in any order


All words appear within the document text

teenagers W/DOC gang

Search Results

An article is available in full-text if there is Full Text (html), Page Image-PDF, or Text+Graphics links under the article title.

  • Print - use the Print button at the top left above the full-text article.
  • Email - use the Email button at the top left of the page.
  • Mark Document - click on box to add article to My Research folder at top.

If the article is not available in full text (citation or abstract only), note the journal name and date of the article.

  • Go to the Journal Title List (A-to-Z list). Type in the periodical title to search the library.
  • Articles not available at Sullivan Family Library may be requested through Interlibrary Loan.


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