Google Mail

Set Up Your New Student Email (gmail)

Itís official. Chaminade student email accounts have successfully been moved to GOOGLE apps. Students will be able to access their data from anywhere, even from mobile devices. Their Chaminade email address is still their so there will be no need to notify others of an email address change. So Chaminade students, to set up and access your new Google student email, please:

  • Log into
  • Enter your username (your and then enter your password which is CUH+your CID. E.g. CUH99887766 (Your CID is your Chaminade ID Number; it is the same number you use to access the Portal to register for classes.)
  • If you have any questions, contact the computer Help Desk at (808) 735-4855.

Chaminade University apologizes to its students for the student email problems they experienced at the end of spring semester. In April the student email server crashed, and unfortunately all student email account data including saved files have been lost for good and are not recoverable. The university regrets the problems that this has caused our students, and Information Services has taken concrete steps to rectify the situation. Chaminade has since moved its student email to gmail. Gmail offers many advantages including increased storage capacity, increased stability and backup, and user friendliness. Students will still have the same Chaminade email address but have these added gmail benefits. More information on setting up your new account can be found on the Portal.