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College Cost Reduction Access Act Grant (2008 2010)


Increase Engagement and Academic Success of Native Hawaiian Students in the Natural Sciences


The Title III, College Cost Reduction and Access Act grant will provide funding for the renovation of:

  1. a laboratory to be used for physics and forensic sciences;
  2. student and faculty research and support space;
  3. securing the sophisticated equipment needed to teach Trace Evidence techniques in our undergraduate and graduate Forensic Science courses, and to provide undergraduates in the biomedical and biochemical fields with experience using advanced analytical instrumentation that are common features of research laboratories, in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, and diagnostic laboratory settings;
  4. and increase the speed, bandwidth, security, and reliability of our campus data network and storage capacities so essential to instruction and research in the sciences and throughout the campus. These investments in infrastructure will support not only existing science students and degree offerings but also all undergraduates, since every student is required to take two science courses and the associated laboratories, and be an important part of the preparatory resources needed for the initiation of a baccalaureate degree in nursing projected for fall 2010.

Funding Note

The Federal Government funds 100% of the cost of this project.

Project Director
Dr. Larry Osborne
Chaminade University of Honolulu
Ph: (808) 739-8383
Fax: (808) 735-4478