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Senator Daniel Akaka congratulates Chaminade student Charissa Kahue, who was honored by the Council on Undergraduate Research for her biomedical research on chronic myelogenous leukemia.

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A History of Service

Chaminade holds a unique position in the intellectual life of the Hawaiian Islands. Historically, St Louis College (the first Marianist educational institution on Oahu) opened to serve the local population in what is now Honolulu’s Chinatown in 1884. The Marianists, with school photoan emphasis on bringing education to those who need it the most and a willingness to adapt to Hawai’i ‘s multi-cultural environment, quickly became an integral part of the community of Honolulu, and were friends of the ordinary citizens as well as the Hawaiian ali’i (royalty) of that era. St Louis School, and later Chaminade University, are the continuation of that early, fruitful partnership between the Marianists and the local community.

Today, Chaminade continues its commitment to all citizens of Hawai’i and the Pacific Islands, to provide excellent academic opportunities for all students, as well as to enrich the intellectual resources of the community.


Title III Funding

lab photoChaminade University has been designated as a Title III Native Hawaiian Serving Institution by the U.S. Department of Education due to the University’s Native Hawaiian enrollment. Since 2003, several grants awarded under Title III provisions have helped to fulfill the University’s educational commitments.
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Opportunities and Atmosphere

hulaChaminade is extremely pro-active in seeking opportunities for Native Hawaiian students to achieve their academic potential. Chaminade also recognizes the value in preserving and perpetuating the culture and values of Hawaiian culture, especially those values that are closely mirrored by the Marianist philosophy.
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Alumni Stories

school photoHow has a Chaminade education affected the lives of the students? Chaminade’s climate of small class sizes and personal attention from faculty is cited by many students of Native Hawaiian descent as key to their academic success.
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