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Biochemistry Degree Program

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Discussing data in the chemistry lab, equipped with a state of the art HPLC system (at back) for deconvolution of complex chemical mixtures in forensic and medicinal chemistry. Students can get involved with a variety of research opportunities by contacting the coordinator for Academic Enrichment and Outreach Programs.

Biochemistry at Chaminade

The goal of modern biochemistry is to develop novel molecules that address global problems, such as innovative therapies for disease, novel energy sources, and new biomaterials. Our program prepares graduates to serve society by preparing students to be well-trained, innovative and rigorous scientists, educators or health practitioners.

The biochemistry degree program recognizes that chemistry is the "central science" and that biochemical processes are essential to life on our planet. The biochemistry program is composed of sophisticated intellectual content as well as practical experiences in the laboratory. Experiences in the program include:

  • Exposure to contemporary ideas in biology
  • A challenging range of chemistry courses
  • Rigorous laboratory courses involving advanced instrumentation and techniques
  • A capstone research experience
  • Encouragement to participate in research internship opportunities throughout your degree progression

This degree program is sound preparation for medical school. For more information, see FAQ: Preparation for Medical, Dental, Pharmacy and Veterinary Careers.

This degree program is also preparation for many varied careers in the biosciences, including research and careers in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. For more information, see About the Biosciences.

Additional degree information

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Working closely with faculty

At Chaminade, the student-to-instructor ratio is very low, so you have access to individualized attention from faculty when it is important to you. Unlike many universities, your professor will also likely be your lab instructor. Through participation in varied research experiences, you will have the benefit of working closely with knowledgeable, approachable mentors.

Our undergraduate students experience an education that reflects the research interests and expertise of the faculty, in the areas of:

  • natural products
  • synthetic and computational chemistry
  • cell and molecular biology
  • signal transduction
  • genetics and genomics
  • integrative biology