Chemistry has justifiably been labeled 'The Central Science'. Training in this discipline is essential for all citizens of the modern world. Since there is no material in the universe not made up of chemicals, a knowledge of chemistry is indeed a knowledge of ourselves.

Chemistry at Chaminade


The objectives of the Chemistry program are to

  1. To promote molecular literacy, i.e., the growing awareness of the importance of understanding physical, chemical and biological changes on the atomic and molecular scale.
  2. To demonstrate hands-on laboratory skills utilizing modern instrumentation and techniques.
  3. To offer science majors the opportunity to engage in an undergraduate research program; and
  4. To enable students in other disciplines to demonstrate their integrated knowledge of the world about them.

Pre-minor requirements: CH 203-CH 203L, CH 204-CH 204L, MA 110.

Minor requirements: 12 semester hours of upper division courses in chemistry and CH 490.

Research & Internships

Our students benefit from the opportunity to perform research projects with faculty. Dr Joel Kawakami seeks to design new anti-tumor drugs. Research internships in chemistry at Chaminade for this and other projects may be available; check with your faculty advisor.