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Newly Renovated Laboratories

Science Laboratories and Facilities

Laboratory photos

Chaminade’s laboratory renovations create a new and vibrant environment for modern science instruction and the pursuit of scholarly research. The new laboratory facilities encompass approximately 15,700 square feet and are multi-purpose, used for both introductory and advanced courses for majors and allow instructors to fully utilize their recognized expertise.

  • 10 new laboratories
  • 8 new faculty offices
  • Advanced instrumentation facility

Specialized support spaces include

  • Faculty research areas
  • Hazardous chemical storage
  • Laboratory preparation areas and workshop

Then and Now

old laboratoryThe laboratories were decades old and in disrepair when a renovation master plan was implemented in 2002.(The photo at right is of the old labs.) In 2003, the Castle Science Complex now Wesselkamper Science Center opened and later the university library moved to its present new location, allowing the gutting of the old lab facilities and the necessary upgrades to the infrastructure in Henry Hall. From 2004 through 2010 new teaching laboratories and support spaces were phased in. In 2006 a temporary research facility was operational and in 2007 a tissue culture facility was opened. From 2009-2010 advanced instrumentation arrived and by 2010 the construction was complete and Chaminade welcomed a new suite of teaching laboratories as well as permanent research facilities and support areas.

Advanced Instrumentation Facility

instrumentationEquipment includes:

  • Agilent HPLC-MS system
  • Thermo GC-MS system
  • Thermo FT-IR system
  • Molecular Devices FlexStation 3
  • Applied BioSystems Real-time PCR System
  • Molecular Devices GenePix Array Scanner
  • Amaxa Nucleofector
  • MJ Tetrad Gene Engine
  • Ultracentrifuges
  • Biolage parallel processing chromatography system

instrumentationFacilities capabilities:

  • Molecular fingerprinting of complex chemical mixtures
  • Molecular identification within complex mixtures
  • Compound identification and sample composition analysis
  • Multi-detection biochemical and cell-based kinetic assay system
  • 5-color flurometric detection and quantitation of DNA
  • Multiplex genomic and gene expression analysis
  • Spatial resolution of subcellular structures
  • High-efficiency delivery of RNAi and cDNA to mammalian cells
  • Rapid preparative column chromatography
  • 4x96 well PCR

Advanced Microscopy Facility

advanced microscopyIn addition to the advanced instrumentation listed above, Chaminade now has a Nikon confocal and epi-fluorescent microscope system. Faculty, grad students and undergraduates will use the advanced microscopy facility for research in the areas of in cancer biology, immunology, toxicology, entomology and trace evidence analysis. Among many innovative features, the Nikon C1 Plus Ti Eclipse epi-fluorescence and confocal imaging system supports state-of-the-art imaging techniques including simultaneous 3-channel fluorescence, point-scan confocal, time-lapse acquisition, live cell imaging and spatial analysis.


Mobile Lab: "I am a Scientist" Outreach Program

Mobile labThe successful "I Am A Scientist" mobile outreach program share our labs beyond the campus. It is part of a broader initiative to encourage science awareness and education in Hawaii's public schools. "I am a Scientist" is a collaboration between the Chaminade university faculty, staff and student service clubs. Fun projects such as the "Germs on Me" program are engaging for all ages and are presented assembly-style, with professional equipment such as microscopes, petri dishes and lab coats supplied by Chaminade. Chaminade student service club member volunteers (such as the Biology Club members) provide instruction and serve as role models for the participants. This outreach program is under the direction of Chaminade staff/ grad student Lori Shimoda.

The national Mobile Laboratories Coalition Newsletter recently published an article on the Chaminade outreach project.

Additional Specialized Facilities

  • Nursing: The new School of Nursing facilities include two large nursing skills laboratories, dedicated computer and instructional rooms, and a state-of-the-art human simulator suite.

  • Forensic Sciences: A specialized, secure outdoor compound allows for forensic sciences research on campus.

As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Chaminade has adhered to green building and energy efficient principles wherever possible in construction and renovation projects.