Internships and Research

Interships and Research

Summer Internships

Our students can expect plenty of opportunities to work in labs across the country, during the summer. These funded research opportunities provide personal and intellectual growth (and look great on a resume.)

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Patricia Lee-Robinson, Associate Provost and Director of the Office of Health Professions Advising recognizes how the experiences are often transformational. “I get really excited to see our students grow, she says. “They grow intellectually and they also develop a heightened level of confidence and enthusiasm that they can perform meaningful research on the level of other students from across the country. They not only represent themselves well, but they represent the University at a very high level as well.”

Student Profile

Allicia EnervaAllicia Enerva

One student benefitting from the intensive summer programs is Allica Enerva, '08. Her project at from a summer internship at Yale focused on mitral/tufted cell projection patterns in the olfactory system. The culmination of her experience was the Leadership Alliance National Symposium, where Enerva presented her project to a national audience of peers, faculty and representatives from the public and private sector.

“Being able to interact with graduate students and members of Yale’s medical school and graduate school acceptance boards, I learned what it’s like to apply, how competitive it is, what the classes are like, what research you do in those programs and what career opportunities you have afterwards.”

Allicia is now enrolled in Pharmacy school.

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Internship Opportunities at Chaminade:

  • Summer research internships and enrichment programs at world-renowned institutions. Recently, undergrads have participated in programs at Yale, University of Washington, and UCLA.
  • Pre-medical and pre-dental enrichment/preparatory programs at institutions such as Yale University
  • Internships at Honolulu hospitals and clinics
  • Research opportunities at U. H. Manoa laboratories and John A. Burns School of Medicine
  • Participation in national conferences
  • Mentor/mentee relationships, professional collaborations