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Amanda Lavenberg

Posted May 2009

Senior Amanda Lavenberg (Criminal Justice and Criminology) is always in motion. Energetic and personable, highlights and honors for Amanda this year included serving as the Chaminade student body president; serving as student representative on the Chaminade presidential search committee (alongside faculty and Board of Regents committee members); and recipient of the Hawaii Student Employee of the Year Award from The Western Association of Student Employment Administrators.

"How to properly execute the perfect jump off a rock into the Pacific Ocean"

Amanda appreciates the qualities that make Chaminade truly unique, and why this place is a great opportunity for people who are willing and open to learn from new experiences. Amanda writes to prospective students:

"During my first year at Chaminade, I realized that there is no other place that Iíd rather be. I had selected Chaminade because I wanted a quality education, and the school offered my major, Criminology and Criminal Justice. Finally I was getting an education that I was interested in. Who wouldnít be interested in an underwater crime scene investigation class? What kept me at Chaminade was not only the education that was offered to me, but also the vast amount of life experiences that I was gaining. These experiences ranged from learning about different cultures to how to properly execute the perfect jump off a rock into the Pacific Ocean."

"The ability and willingness to try new and different things has helped move the time along. The idiom ďtime flies when youíre having funĒ has proved itself true for me. As a student worker in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership, member of various clubs, and also President of our student government, Iíve learned to take advantage of the opportunities presented to me. Looking back at my freshman self, I realize that Iíve evolved from a shy wallflower to an outgoing and motivated individual. Change is something we all fear although it is inevitable. Now that graduation is around the corner, as a senior I urge you to take your time in the process of change and growth to understand yourself. Once these four years are over, you will look back at them as the greatest moments of your life."

"Without attending Chaminade University of Honolulu, I would not have had the experiences that will serve as a reference guide for the moments in my life that are yet to come. Am I scared? Yes. Am I nervous? You know it. But one thing Iím sure of is this; I am prepared for whatever life will throw my way!"

Best wishes,
Amanda Lavenberg

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