Brandon Chun

BrandonPosted January 2010

Alumnus Brandon Chun, (2003, Historical and Political Studies)

After Chaminade, Brandon went on to get a Master’s in Education at University of Hawaii at Manoa. His doctoral thesis will be on student retention. Brandon comments that his job allows him the "perfect opportunity to understand retention issues, rather than just research them."

A Role Model

Brandon’s degrees are on display in his office, and easily seen by students using the resource center nearby. The framed degrees often generate admiring comments such as, "You graduated from here?" Brandon realizes he is something of a role model. He is thankful for his days spent at Chaminade; he started out at a community college but did not do well. Brandon says, "Chaminade offered me an opportunity. They said, ‘We’ll give you a semester.’ This job is an opportunity to give back, and to serve those who can use the help."


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