Timia Crisp

Timia and Dr GoffPosted May 2009

Alumna Timia Crisp distinguished herself at Chaminade by whizzing through a Forensic Sciences degree in three years. This is a difficult and demanding degree program, with considerable work in the “hard” sciences. But that was just the beginning: Timia has since gone on to complete a post-baccalaureate research education program (PREP) in just over a year at the University of California, Los Angeles, in order to begin her Ph.D. studies in Analytical Chemistry at the University of California, San Diego in the Fall of 2009.


At Chaminade, Timia was especially fond of the subject of chemistry. She was the American Chemical Society, General Chemistry Student of the Year 2005-2006. She was a peer tutor for chemistry for a couple of years and the and then was a peer-led Team Learning Tutor.

Student Government and Clubs

Outside of academics, Timia found her work in student government to be especially challenging and rewarding. She spent some time as the Vice President of Finance, and feels she has made a lasting impact and contribution to the university by helping to re-draft the student government constitution and the ground rules for the allocation of funds.

Timia joined many clubs at Chaminade and was very involved, with wide-ranging interests from the Forensics Club to Scottish dancing. Originally from San Diego, Timia did not know anyone in Hawaii before she came here, and she was concerned about making friends. Timia feels although Chaminade does not have fraternities and sororities, the structure is provided by the university for students to connect through participation in clubs and community service. She says,” The purpose of a fraternity or sorority I think is to get that feeling—that you are part of a group that’s really behind you, that supports you. Chaminade as a university does that itself – instead of an outside group.” She says, “Chaminade not only helped me grow as a person, but helped me really connect.” She still feels connected now, and is in touch with faculty. “This is a place that will nurture you, and not forget you.”

Choosing Chaminade

In high school, Timia set out searching for a college that met her criteria. She was interested in working in a lab; interested in a forensic sciences degree; but especially interested in a small school that could give her both personal attention and a sense of connection. She found all of this at Chaminade.

The Future

After completing her doctorate, Timia intends to pursue a career as a forensic chemist.

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